3 Ways Storytelling Helps Healthcare HR Engage & Inspire Teams

Stories are highly effective communication tools, partly because they bring a sense of enjoyment. Whether it’s this morning’s front page headlines or the latest box office hit, stories are the key elements that engage audiences. But how can the act of storytelling be applied to your healthcare organization? As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, healthcare HR has no shortage of initiatives to oversee. By reviewing a few psychology principles, HR can use communication tools such as storytelling to make a positive difference in the success of any initiative.

Ensure Clinician Shift Coverage During Summer Vacations

Summer has begun and healthcare organizations’ clinicians will be taking their much-needed time off in the coming weeks. To comply with patient-staffing ratios and uphold your standards of care, healthcare organizations need to ensure shift coverage when employees are out on vacation. If you don’t plan ahead, managing shift coverage can be a nightmare. Find out what you can do.

Environmental Services Jobs in Healthcare: Create a Safe Workplace by Hiring Smart

In healthcare facilities, employee and patient safety relies heavily on the department of environmental services. Hiring well for these jobs begins by accurately representing the job and its associated duties during the hiring process, while emphasizing the integral role these employees play in creating a safe healthcare workplace for all. Learn more.

5 Tips to Write Healthcare Job Postings Beyond the Job Description

When we’re pressed for time, it’s tempting to cut and paste sections from a job description when writing healthcare job postings. Resist that temptation — job descriptions and job postings are not one in the same! Job postings are a key recruitment marketing tactic. Here are five tips for writing better healthcare job postings, beyond the job description.