In the spirit of National Nurses Week, here is a humorous interpretation of a few of the realizations you’ve likely had at one point or another during your nursing career. Enjoy!

1.  When you realize that you will never have soft, manicured hands again.  

2. When you realize that you have worked every Saturday night for the past 6 months.

3. When you realize that your patient has diagnosed themselves via Google and is convinced that they have the Bubonic Plague. 

4. When you realize that people think you’re strange because your iPhone is set to military time. 

5.  When you realize all you ate/drank during your 12-hour shift was ginger ale and a few saltines from the med cart. 

6. When you realize that your friends and family will NEVER stop asking you what their ailments/symptoms mean.

7. When you realize
that the imaginary IV pump you hear in your sleep will probably haunt you for the rest of your life.

 display: block; float: none!important;

8. When you realize that most people aren’t as concerned with keeping their hands clean as you are. 


 9. When you realize just how unrealistic most medical tv shows are.

10.  When you realize that the inventor of the call bell is actually an evil human being.

 11. When you realize that you haven’t used the restroom since you woke up this morning. 

12.  When you realize that your jokester of a co-worker told all of her patients that her name was YOUR name and to yell if they need anything at all.

13. When you realize that it’s a full moonexplaining the craziness that just occured on your shift.  

14.  When you realize that most people have the day off due to inclement weather and you still have to work.

15.  When you realize that you have a paper cut after you pumped Purell/ Cal Stat Plus on your hands. 

 16.  When you realize that it’s not your turn to float afterall. Best. News. Ever. 

17.  When you realize just how tired you are when you FINALLY get the chance to sit down on your 10th hour.