Being a recruiter isn’t the easiest of jobs. You have hundreds of applicants per position and usually only a select few make it through the interview process to become top candidates. When you’re on your quest for the ideal candidate you may come across a few less than perfect prospects–whether it’s their lack of professionalism, their inappropriate behavior, or you simply feel they will not be a good fit for your organization. Here’s our humorous, and at times unrealistic, interpretation of 24 things that candidates might do that would drive you crazy. Enjoy!

1. When they list irrelevant skills on their resume, i.e. their ambidexterity. 

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2. When they appear to be arrogant. 

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3. When they reveal how lazy they are.  

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4. When they talk about their personal life too much. 

5. When they say they’re their own role model. 
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6. When they chew gum. And then play with it. 


7. When they don’t talk enough. 


8. When they ask bad follow-up questions. 


9. When they bad mouth their former employer.

10. When they’re late.


11.  When they dress inappropriately.

 12. When they have a weak handshake.

13. When they ask for a hug. 

14. When they wear their headphones during the interview. 

15. When they text during the interview.


16. When they take a phone call during the interview. 


17.  When they tell you their strengths and it’s something ridiculous.


18. When they don’t do their research and can’t answer simple questions about your organization. 

19. When they asked to get paid in cash and “under the table.”


20. When they appear uninterested. 

21. When they bring food to the interview.

22. When they don’t make eye contact.


23. When they put their feet up on the conference room table. 

24. When they use buzzwords like “self-starter” and “team player” to describe themselves. 


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