3 Ways to Celebrate Healthcare HR Week!

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It’s Healthcare HR week (March 11-17), and I have some educational content that might be useful to help your HR team realize how important they are and to celebrate the week. You can get some great ideas from ASHHRA on activities to do. Even if you can’t celebrate every day this week, I hope you can take part of one day this week to celebrate!

1. Talk about “hot topics and trends” in Recruitment! 

ASHHRA posted a similar idea on their Recommended Activities for Healthcare HR Week PDF, and I realized we have some material to help you. First, there’s our blog on the Top 5 Trends for Healthcare HR in 2012. You can read and discuss it within your HR department. If you’d rather listen instead, we produced a follow up podcast on the same topic where I chatted with David Szary, Founder of LEAN Human Capital and The Recruiter Academy, and the knowledgeable Miranda Maynard, Employment Supervisor at EMH Healthcare.  

2. Educate your Department – Learn about HCAHPS.

HCAHPS – perhaps that’s the biggest “hot topic” of the year. It’s a critical component of an organization’s success and healthcare HR can and should take a major role in boosting HCAHPS scores for their organization through top notch hiring practices and effective performance management. But there’s so much to learn when it comes to HCAHPS…If you haven’t initiated education around this topic already, give the HR team an “HCAHPS Quiz” and award a winner with a gift card. Use our HCAHPS quiz as a model! There are also some great articles listed in there for further education on this important issue. If you have more time, download our HCAHPS white paper and use it to create your own quiz, perhaps one that’s more specific to HR. Or listen to an educational podcast and discuss it! Our latest podcast focuses on how hiring impacts HCAHPS scores, featuring Lydia Ostermeier, Director of Nurse Recruitment and Patient Care Services and NAHCR President.  

3. Make your Team feel like HR Superheroes!

Healthcare HR Week is a week dedicated to recognizing HR professionals in hospitals and non-hospital healthcare organizations across the US for the issues they face in talent management, such as sourcing patient-focused caregivers, compensation and benefits, employee relations, healthcare reform, performance management and more. We know healthcare HR professionals face a lot more challenges…That’s why we think healthcare HR professionals are “ordinary” everyday superheroes, and we think they’re superheroes because the healthcare employees they source, hire and help to retain have a huge impact on peoples’ lives and the communities they serve. This belief inspired a recent podcast with David Szary on why healthcare recruiters are the backbone of the healthcare system. Watch it (and please forgive the fuzziness) and discuss why you and your team think this is true!

I also recommend watching our Healthcare HR Superhero Video. Have your team watch it and discuss what they wish their superhero power was, then make sure they know they really ARE superheroes for all the great work that they do. You can also enter our superhero contest! 

Here are the details: Tell us what superhero power you wish you had and why before March 21, 5pm EDT and enter to win a pizza party for your HR department! We will announce the winning HR department on March 22 on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Happy Healthcare HR Week from all of us at HealthcareSource! 

Please note this contest has ends at 5pm March 22 and we’ll be sharing the results and the winner very soon!

Win a Pizza Party for your Healthcare HR department!

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