Healthcare recruiters have overwhelming workloads, responsible for every step of the hiring process including handling a continuous influx of applications, scheduling interviews, and conducting reference checks. With so much on your plate, it’s impossible to embark on more strategic, long-term tasks, like employer branding.

Luckily, the right technology can help you use your time more efficiently, so you can devote time to more strategic initiatives that will help you attract the top-tier candidates you need. Below are three ways you can create a more efficient healthcare hiring process at your organization.

#1 Document and Standardize Your Processes

Leverage technology that enables you to document processes and develop standardized workflows. Developing easy-to-follow, repeatable processes will allow you and your hiring team to move candidates through your system more quickly and efficiently, so you can work on decreasing your time-to-fill.

For example, technology that enables you to configure checklists for each job type you hire for will help you easily evaluate candidates against a standard set of criteria. This will help you streamline the hiring process and hold interviewers accountable for helping to meet your organization’s hiring requirements. Checklists also provide a documented process to guide team members, like hiring managers, who might need more support throughout the recruitment and interviewing processes.

Leverage tools like scientifically backed behavioral assessments that help you provide a standardized evaluation for fit and retention. Plus, structured interview guides help simplify the process and improve the quality of your interviews.

#2 Leverage Automation Where You Can

Administrative tasks can be a huge time-suck for busy recruiters. Look for areas to add automation where possible to free up your time for more strategic initiatives, like employer branding. For instance, automating reference checks with proven assessment technology saves you time you would otherwise spend playing phone tag with a candidate’s references. You can also use technology to empower candidates to schedule their own interviews to free up even more of your time.

Don’t miss the opportunity to easily get the word out about your open jobs by leveraging job distribution services. For instance, some technology allows you to automatically distribute jobs via job boards, social channels, and digital ads based on predefined criteria. This allows you to quickly expand awareness of your open positions without the manual effort.

#3 Communicate Frequently, and Openly

If you want to hire smarter, start by opening the lines of communication between recruiters and hiring managers. When the two roles collaborate frequently, better decisions are made – and in less time. Look for an applicant tracking system that affords and documents real-time communication within a single user-interface. When it’s easy for hiring teams to communicate, it’s more likely everyone will be aligned on hiring decisions and the process will move more smoothly.

The healthcare talent market is increasingly competitive, so you don’t have time to let time-consuming tasks hold you back from important initiatives like bolstering your employer brand or strengthening your candidate experience. You need modern technology to help you create more efficient processes that will positively impact your time-to-fill and quality-of-hire.

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