Bersin & Associates, one of the leading talent management analyst firms, recently published some interesting research connecting talent management initiatives with real business objectives. According to their research, organizations with better talent management processes, gain significant business advantages such as 26% higher revenue per employee, 40% lower turnover of high performers, and 156% improved ability to develop great leaders, and more.1
Pretty compelling stuff, but it can be tricky to figure out how to achieve these results yourself. To help, we developed “5 Talent Management Best Practices” to help healthcare organizations prioritize their talent management approach. Our 5 recommendations are:

1. Focus on quickly filling critical positions with top talent to improve the quality of care
2. Improve “talent visibility” in the organization
3. Increase employee engagement and overall retention
4. Develop the next generation of leaders now
5. Drive performance improvement initiatives throughout the entire organization

We think the right combination of recruiting and performance management initiatives can be an effective way for healthcare organizations to prepare for the recovery and achieve significant bottom-line results.

Interested in learning more? The full version of “5 Talent Management Best Practices” is now available on our website.

1Enterprise Learning and Talent Management 2010, Bersin & Associates, Cecember 2009.

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