As a healthcare talent management professional, you know talent shortages will continue through 2019 and beyond. You need to adjust your talent management strategy now to achieve future success. To help you prepare, we spoke with HealthcareSource leadership to get their thoughts on what’s to come this year, as well as recommendations on how to tackle these key challenges.

“The healthcare industry continues to face major talent recruitment and retention challenges that are negatively impacting revenue growth and patient care,” said J.P. Fingado, HealthcareSource President and Chief Executive Officer. “Hiring the right people and applying engagement strategies starting day one will increase organizations’ ability to retain exceptional talent, allowing the organizations to provide quality care and strengthen their businesses.”

No matter what your talent management challenge, the solution begins with your talent acquisition strategy. To retain high-quality talent, you must start by recruiting and hiring the right people. Focusing on step one of the talent management process will enable you to better retain and develop your employees in the future.

With this is mind, let’s explore five of the top healthcare talent management predictions for 2019 to help you prepare for the year ahead.

#1: The Aging Population Will Increasingly Impact the Healthcare Talent Landscape

The aging population’s increased healthcare needs will put a strain on workforce resources. Recruiters and hiring managers will need to ramp up their recruiting efforts and ensure candidates possess the proper clinical and behavioral competencies required to care for the senior population. Additionally, as our population ages, more workers will retire. As such, healthcare professionals must focus on strategic succession planning and competency development to offset the loss of expertise from the exiting workforce.

#2: Accelerated Market Consolidation Across the Continuum of Care

This year we’ll see more hospitals merge to create larger health systems. Healthcare HR leaders will need to develop stronger recruiting strategies to effectively attract and hire candidates at a larger volume than ever before. The demand for more, and better talent will cause HR professionals to adopt technologies that can provide efficiencies in the recruiting and hiring process.

#3: Consumerization Will Take Center Stage

The lines between businesses and consumers are blurring. Job seekers and recruiters are increasingly opting for technology that is sleek and simple to use. Moving forward, we’ll see more organizations upgrading their applicant tracking systems and job boards to streamline processes for candidates as well as recruiters and hiring managers.

#4: Hospitals Will Face Increasing Competition from Retail Establishments

Expect to see an increasing amount of urgent care retail clinics throughout the year, creating more talent competition for hospitals, senior living facilities, and other healthcare providers. Healthcare organizations will need to focus on hiring for retention and improving employee engagement strategies to keep existing talent that might be interested in competitors’ positions.

#5: Healthcare Workers Will Need Enhanced Skillsets to Respond to Emerging Methods of Care Such as Telemedicine

Digital methods of care will continue to emerge throughout 2019. As such, healthcare organizations must hire talent with — or train existing employees on — the appropriate skills needed to provide care remotely. This will change the way recruiters source and vet candidates, as well as how managers train and develop employees’ clinical and behavioral skills.

In 2019, healthcare organizations will need to overhaul their recruitment and retention strategies to ensure future success. While a number of challenges lay ahead, you can overcome them with the right people, processes, data, and technology.

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