hc_hr_week_logo_8x6_copyEditorial Note: In recognition of Health Care HR Week, we have invited , Executive Director for The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) to write a guest blog offering her perspective on how healthcare HR professionals can make the most of this week’s celebrations. 

It’s no secret that efforts to recognize and appreciate employees lead to greater engagement, satisfaction, communication, innovation, and results.  Noting the key role that healthcare human resource professionals play in the recognition and development of employees throughout our organizations, The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) of the American Hospital Association (AHA) encourages everyone to get involved in Health Care HR Week, designed to encourage the acknowledgement of and appreciation for this group of passionate and talented individuals who work in hospitals and healthcare organizations across the continuum of care.  They deserve recognition for the daily actions they take in areas such as workforce strategy and development, compensation and benefits, employee/labor relations, talent acquisition and management, wellness, etc.

While the possibilities are endless and many organizations create their own ways of celebrating Health Care HR Week, here are a few great ideas you can try:

  • Know Your Health Care HR Professional Day: Hold a contest using a brief questionnaire to ask employees throughout the organization to define the responsibilities of the HR department. Add some competition by awarding the top three winners a prize!
  • Wellness Day: Create a wellness activity or program for the HR team. Invite a speaker or vendor to support a healthy lunch (away from your desks!), plan a group walk or exercise session, or offer stress management techniques.  Ask participants to share their favorite wellness resource (app, video, book, idea) and share the list with the group.  Most importantly, have fun!
  • Pat-on-the-Back Day: Invite the CEO and executive team of your organization to come say “thank you” to the HR Department. Having them spring for a breakfast or lunch together is nice, too!
  • Career Share Day: Select a group or organization within your community to share your health care HR expertise by contributing to resume writing, interviewing skills, networking strategies, seminars on getting hired or shining on the job, turning a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’, or just talking about careers in health care HR.

ASHHRA has developed an entire toolkit to generate ideas for members to create events throughout Health Care HR Week, including sample forms, lists of resources, and ideas that other members have implemented within their own organizations. You can find more information on our website at http://www.ashhra.org/learning/healthcarehrweek.shtml.  We also love the creative employee appreciation ideas available through our valued partners, such as O.C. Tanner, who offers Gratzi, a free app that makes it fun and easy for managers and colleagues to send skills badges for their accomplishments and thank people for work they love.

As we work together to create healthier communities and provide excellent care for patients and their families, it is truly the people within our organizations that make the difference each and every day.  Health care HR professionals play a critical role in finding and attracting the best people for the organization, ensuring cultures where employees can thrive, and investing in ongoing training, development, and benefits that help employees continue to challenge themselves while providing security for them and their families.  As the heart of our organizations, they deserve a bit of recognition themselves.  There are so many ways to express appreciation for the work of the leaders who have taken on a career in human resources — whether they are just beginning their career or already moving through the ranks.  We at ASHHRA invite you to join us and share your great ideas to appreciate and acknowledge your HR team!

Dawn M. Rose, JD, PHR

About Dawn M. Rose, JD, PHR

Dawn M. Rose, JD, PHR is the Executive Director for ASHHRA and she loves working to inspire you every day! Her career has focused on over 15 years of progressive HR experience in nonprofits and healthcare, labor & employment law, and member relations. Her core values are leadership, inspiration, collaboration, communication, and appreciation.