I work for HealthcareSource, a company based in the Boston area, and many of us know people or have loved ones who participated in the Boston Marathon yesterday. I moved to the Boston area 30 years ago, met my wife shortly thereafter, and settled into raising a family in beautiful southern New England. But for a city that was founded in 1630, with many residents who have lived here for generations, we’re still relative newcomers. Yet after yesterday’s tragic events, I know that my family and I are forever wedded to Boston. Whether it’s cheering on the Red Sox at Fenway, or the Pats at Foxboro, or the Bruins and Celtics playing at The Garden, enjoying lobsters, the nearby mountains, or sailing on the Atlantic – there’s no shortage of reasons to love this great city.  

However, what really counts and makes me proud to be a Bostonian is the way the community came together yesterday. The way first responders were true heroes, the way doctors and nurses who were participating in the race became caregivers in a nanosecond, and the way Boston hospitals opened their doors wide in an instant and without hesitation was inspiring. Yesterday, Bostonians showed the world that we are made of strong stuff, which is why we all know that, no matter what, Boston and New England will carry on.  

HealthcareSource has 230 employees, half of whom live and work in the Boston area, but I am proud to say that in this difficult moment we are all Bostonians. 

We are all Bostonians

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