Regardless of where you are in your recruitment marketing journey, now is the time to prioritize it.

To help organizations on this journey, HealthcareSource recently hosted a webinar Recruitment Marketing: From Pause to Full Throttle to share data on labor market dynamics, case studies from three healthcare recruiters and actionable how-to advice from our experts.

Several factors have prompted healthcare recruiters to take their feet off the brakes and accelerate their activities.

“The current state of the U.S. labor market and the market dynamics…are leading toward recruitment marketing as a strategy becoming really important for healthcare organizations,” said Jason Crepeau, senior director of product strategy for HealthcareSource.

Before COVID, there was already a supply and demand disconnect in healthcare staffing, he noted. In 2019, the fill rate was 53%, meaning there were almost twice as many openings as hires. By December 2020, the ratio of openings to hires was still 2:1, with 1.16 million healthcare job openings and 625,000 positions filled.

These data points showcase the difficulty of finding candidates to fill open positions.

Not surprisingly, during this same period, Crepeau noted that more healthcare organizations across the board were investing in recruitment marketing services and technology. This means your competition is probably boosting its capability to attract top talent – and to stay in the game, you need to up your game, too.

How can you accelerate your efforts and land the best talent in the market? Watch the replay to learn how to accelerate your efforts and land the best talent in the market – and to hear from your peers on how they’re successfully utilizing this method in their overall hiring strategies.

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