endorsed by the American Hospital AssociationWorking at the American Hospital Association (AHA), we get to peek inside the inner workings of our members’ organizations, truly understanding their successes and struggles. We recognize that caring for their respective communities is a formidable, extremely complex, often frustrating, yet continuously rewarding undertaking. Medical miracles aside, what I find awe-inspiring are the individuals that are the backbone of every hospital in every community. Every organization is unique and striking the right balance in caring for both the organization and the community is critical when building out or adding to existing teams.

At AHA Health Forum, we evaluate programs and services that help our hospital members improve operations and achieve excellence. And talent management is essential to those operations.

This past fall, our team focused on the talent management space to validate what we were seeing and hearing in the field, and to understand if members’ needs were evolving. We found in our assessment that hospitals’ needs very closely match the approach we see and value in the HealthcareSource Quality Talent Management SuiteTM. HealthcareSource employs a very thoughtful approach in developing talent management tools for the healthcare field, one that demonstrates a deep-level understanding not only of staffing challenges in healthcare, but the entire patient-centered care approach our members need to achieve when selecting and balancing their workforce.

We are beginning to see more of our members move toward streamlining and concentrating the number of unique systems and service providers across the organization. After all, it is much more efficient to use a series of programs purpose-built for healthcare and designed to work together, created to ease the flow of information and sequence activities accordingly. HealthcareSource’s talent management solutions, with their unique industry focus, stand apart from more generic options. For me, the data connected to each of the HealthcareSource program elements and the ability to tap into analytics across your entire talent management practice is really where my inner-geek took over — the mind reels at the very precise measurement of people and overall process benchmarking capabilities built into and across the talent programs.

Again, I was very impressed with the thoughtfulness and rigor in which measurement is rooted in all of HealthcareSource’s programs — both the existing programming and the vision of healthcare talent management that lies ahead.

At the end of the day, our work is centered on the individuals we serve in our hospitals, supporting the health and well-being of our communities every day. HealthcareSource’s talent management solutions can help healthcare organizations focus on selecting, developing, and retaining quality talent that delivers quality care for your patients and meeting our combined goals.


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About Kathleen Wessel

Kathleen Wessel is the Vice President, business management for AHA Health Forum, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Hospital Association. Kathleen is an accomplished healthcare executive with 20+ years of successfully designing, leading, and executing a broad range of growth and realignment initiatives. Kathleen holds a Master’s in Business Administration from George Washington University, a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Loyola University, has completed certificate programs in Integrating Technology in Business Solutions at the University of Chicago and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) in good standing.