Healthcare Job Posting - Help WantedAre you struggling to find the best healthcare candidates for key positions at your organization? You might want to reexamine your job postings. Healthcare recruiters today are facing a tight – and sometimes seemingly nonexistent – talent pool. You need to be sure your job postings grab prospective applicants’ attention and supplies the information they need to submit a resume. Let’s take a look at the anatomy of a healthcare job posting.

Job Title 

The job title is the most important part of your job posting. It serves as a guidepost for job seekers who either type their desired job title into a search engine, see it listed on a job board, or hear it from a staffing professional. A precise job title provides the most direct link between you and the right candidates for the job.

When writing the job title for your healthcare job posting:

  • Use Keywords: Think about your target hire, and use keywords in your job title to attract that person. If you need a registered nurse for surgical units, for example. consider using the job title: “Registered Nurse – Surgical Care.” Finding the right balance of being precise and concise works best.
  • Stick with Traditional Grammar and Spelling: Avoid using all capitals or symbols in place of letters to attract attention. Candidates will respond to the words and benefits of the position without the need for trendy appearances to catch their attention. Additionally, they may not take the position seriously if they see emoticons and other social media approaches, plus none of that will come across in search functionality.

The Job Description  

The next most important anatomical feature of your healthcare job posting is the job description. Here you describe what it is you really need from the best candidate.

  • Describe the Key Details: Discuss the daily duties, the department in which the role resides, the size and dynamics of the existing team, and the overall goals for the candidate who fills the position.
  • Describe Position-Specific Details: Make sure your job posting details whether the job is full-time or part-time, the specific location and hours, and the physical environment. Some employers decide to include salary range as well, but that should be considered on a role-by-role basis.

Desired Skills and Background

It is now time for your job posting to let prospective candidates know just what it is you want from them to fulfill the position’s requirements.

  • Required Traits: These are the non-negotiable qualities that a candidate must possess to even be considered. This can include required certifications and degrees as well as necessary skills.
  • Desired Traits: These are the abilities and talents that your ideal candidate would possess. They might include specific skills, knowledge, work experience, education, training, and certifications.

Your Company Description 

In a candidate-driven market, your company description becomes an important part of your healthcare job posting. Since the best candidates have their choice of employers, you need to let them know what your organization has to offer. Sell your company’s strengths by providing honest details about your environment, culture, training, opportunities for development and advancement, and any other perks that might separate you from the other healthcare organizations hiring for the same positions. You want to show your company in the best light, but you do not want to be dishonest.

A Call to Action  

Now that you’ve described who and what you want, as well as provided some key information about your organization, it is time to make your pitch. A strong call-to-action simply confirms that you want to hear from all suitable candidates and lets them know how to proceed.

  • Give Clear, Simple, Thorough Instructions: List all documents you want candidates to submit, such as a resume, cover letter, certifications, etc. Also, if there is a cut-off deadline, let candidates know.
  • Share Contact Information: Add the online application link in the call to action and provide a contact name.

Hopefully this snapshot of a healthcare job posting will help you in your recruiting efforts. To post jobs and learn more about opportunities to help your job postings stand out, visit HealthcareSource Job Board.

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