Senior executives, VPs and directors, supervisors and managers at your hospital – can they explain what the HCAHPS survey is and what HCAHPS survey results mean to your organization? Probably. What about your hospital staff? Maybe not…Make sure your healthcare HR team is ready for HCAHPS so you can support your hospital staff at every level. In our upcoming live educational session, the HCAHPS Readiness Survey Results Webinar, we’re going to explore issues like these.

Last fall, we surveyed nearly 300 healthcare professionals (78% of whom are in HR, with the rest on the clinical or IT side of healthcare) about their “readiness” for HCAHPS. What exactly does it mean to be “HCAHPS ready”? We’ll review that in the Webinar, too. But here’s a preview of what HealthcareSource defines as being HCAHPS ready:

  • Everyone in your organization knows what HCAHPS is and what it means to the organization

  • You incorporate HCAHPS competencies into your candidate evaluations

  • Your hiring managers are trained on how to “hire for HCAHPS”

  • Employees are held responsible, at every level of the organization, for HCAHPS goals (i.e. improving scores that reflect their department)

HCAHPS readiness study for healthcare HR


That’s a tall order! But the reality is, many experts in patient safety and satisfaction believe these HR measures make all the difference when it comes to improving HCAHPS survey scores. That means healthcare HR should be partnering with hiring managers and senior leaders to ensure that their organization is ready for HCAHPS. And with a huge initiative like this, technology should be the driver to educate employees on HCAHPS and help them hire for HCAHPS. I know – I keep talking about hiring for HCAHPS. What are those HCAHPS competencies you should be assessing candidates for? There are more than three (and we’ll review these during the webinar). But here’s another preview, here are the top three C’s:

  • Compassion

  • Conscientiousness

  • Customer orientation

Why are these three specific competencies so important when it comes to HCAHPS? You’ll have to join our webinar to find out…So get ready to put on that HR superhero cape and help your organization increase patient satisfaction survey scores. Our HCAHPS Readiness Webinar will help you get there. Watch the replay today!



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