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About Bryan Barajas

Bryan Barajas is the Marketing Director at PreCheck — a HealthcareSource Certified Integration Partner. PreCheck has helped healthcare employers improve patient safety through comprehensive background screening and employment qualification services since 1993. PreCheck offers a full suite of background screening, compliance, and credentialing solutions designed to help healthcare organizations adhere to the complex regulations governing the industry.

I love technology, and there’s still a handful of apps I rely on to get things done; but in today’s digital era, there’s something refreshing about going back to pen and paper. I thought I would share a few of my personal successes from using an analog productivity system. Here are five things I learned through my Bullet Journaling, and the reasoning behind the reasons why I believe healthcare HR professionals would benefit from adopting the practice.

To remain competitive, healthcare organizations need to hire employees who provide a high level of patient- and resident-focused care and who are committed team members. Science-based behavioral assessments can help healthcare organizations choose the right people for the jobs they need to fill and do a better job of managing and developing the people they

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We know that quality of patient care is highly dependent on the performance of a hospital’s staff members. Not only can a bad hire be detrimental to patient safety, but it can also affect a hospital’s reputation as well. That’s why recruiting and screening for the most qualified talent is more critical than ever in

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