Deb Vargovick

About Deb Vargovick

Deb Vargovick is a Senior Consultant at Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource. As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (ICGB) recruitment professional, Deb helps build optimized talent acquisition organizations within healthcare systems. Deb began working with Lean techniques in 1994 while at The Walt Disney Company. Prior to joining Lean Human Capital, she was the manager of talent selection at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. Deb received her B.A. in Business from Michigan State University and is newly obsessed with Pickleball.

As healthcare recruiters and talent acquisition practitioners, we have little time to waste as we are sprinting through our day, wondering which task to tackle next. We often fall into the trap of feeling that the busier we are, the faster we have to move, believing we don’t have a minute to spare to plan our day. But quite the opposite is true: Taking ten minutes to plan and prioritize our day before we begin it, saves us hours of wasted time.

I have surveyed the hiring leaders of several healthcare organizations regarding the process and quality of their relationship with their recruiters. And according to our benchmarks, Communication is the lowest-scoring dimension of the five key dimensions measured. When you think about this, it should not come as a surprise.