About Lotus Yon

Lotus Yon, CHHR, Manager, Training Programs & HR Projects at Northwest Community Healthcare in Arlington Heights, Illinois is an experienced HR and organizational development professional with a focused passion on leadership and employee engagement. In her current role, she is responsible for the development and maintenance of all organizational training programs, including an enterprise-wide EPIC implementation. In the six years Lotus has been working in healthcare, she has held several different roles within HR and Organizational Development, and currently serves as Chair of ASHHRA's (American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration) Learning and Education Committee.

Why aren’t we getting advice and hearing about millennials from actual millennials? I’m not a speaker by trade, but this is the exact reason I started doing speaking engagements. I get requested for thought leadership forums, interviews, and presentations on the topic of multiple generations in the workplace because I fill this gap — I am a millennial in the workplace.

A sense of place is actually a fairly common phrase used in geography, landscape design, and interior design. It refers to the idea of creating something special and unique where people feel that they belong, perhaps to something greater than themselves.