Maren Dale

About Maren Dale

Maren Dale is an independent healthcare consultant and copywriter specializing in healthcare and patient stories. She has worked for more than 100 organizations, interviewed more than 400 physicians and leaders and written patient stories for some of the nation’s most respected providers. From 2011-2013, she served on a healthcare communications team that won four national awards. She has consulted with healthcare organizations in 16 states and since 2015 has been fortunate to work with physician leaders in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, India, Israel, and Japan. Learn more about Maren by visiting her on LinkedIn.

Imagine you’re a recruitment team of one at a rural community hospital with 350 employees. On your own, you’re managing 64 hard-to-fill open reqs. You’ve tripled your ad spend for job postings. You’ve attended every local job fair. You’ve implemented new technology platforms. You’ve promoted your employee referral program like crazy. Yet despite all of your efforts, you’re still not getting the results you need. Instead of starting a new initiative from the ground up, could there be a hidden opportunity using existing resources? There may be. If your marketing team produces patient stories, you can leverage their efforts as a recruitment tool.