About Ratan Tavawala

Ratan Tavawala is a Senior Solutions Consultant at HealthcareSource and has been with the company for nearly 10 years. Prior to her move to Sales, Ratan was the Manager for Implementation Services and helped build a strong team of Specialists while implementing HealthcareSource products at hundreds of healthcare facilities. Ratan is now focused on ensuring she can lend her expertise to healthcare clients in evaluating their talent management needs while also lending her knowledge in getting such systems in place. Ratan is an avid reader and is currently enjoying The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay.

Performance management standards are evolving. As digital technologies and new research come into play, organizations are rethinking their approach to core human resources functions.

Most HR professionals agree that it’s important for employees to have well-articulated goals to guide their work. However, goals alone are not enough. Healthcare organizations have discovered that providing employees with mentoring and coaching, in conjunction with goals, leads to greater employee accountability and better on-the-job performance. Performance management is only effective if it’s a

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