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Taylor Sisk is a feature and enterprise writer who now specializes in healthcare issues. In his career, he’s interviewed ecologists, economists, undersea explorers, teenage philanthropists, sabermetricians, “Shark Tank” winners, hostage takers, Final Four champions, United Nations officials, radical priests, NASCAR legends, presidential candidates, and death-row inmates.

You should strive to hire employees with clinical knowledge of mental illness, so your staff can detect and treat residents at the earliest sign of symptoms. Keeping these unique needs in mind will help you hire well-equipped employees.

Even though there are more than 4 million active nurses in the U.S., healthcare organizations are challenged to fill nurse leadership roles. Nurses need a way to gain the higher levels of education and training required to assume these more demanding leadership positions. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has risen to that challenge. Find out what your organization could do, too.