bptw_wo_thumbnailThis post is an excerpt from our white paper, Becoming a Best Place to Work Organization: Recruiting & Retention Strategies for Healthcare.This white paper summarizes conversations with several Best Place to Work organizations and highlights how Human Resources plays a central role in contributing to a Best Place to Work environment through recruiting and retention strategies. In this white paper you’ll learn how to, recruit individuals who will align with your culture, provide employees with valuable feedback and recognition, and improve educational opportunities to develop talent from within. 

Each year, publications such as Modern Healthcare and Becker’s Hospital Review recognize healthcare organizations as “best places to work” based on factors which include leadership, culture, work environment, training, and employee satisfaction. At “Best Place to Work” healthcare organizations, employees are engaged in their work and enjoy interacting with their peers. This translates to higher levels of patient satisfaction, as well as better outcomes and greater safety. However, achieving this type of work environment doesn’t happen by accident. We had conversations with several Best Place to Work organizations and found that Human Resources plays a central role in recruiting individuals who will fit the organizational culture and values, and then ensuring that they perform well once they’re on the job. That means providing employees with feedback on their work, offering education to grow talent from within, and recognizing people who perform well.

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