Talent-in-Talent AwardHealthcare organizations today are all facing employee retention challenges. RN turnover alone can cost a hospital $5.2M to $8.1M each year, according to NSI Nursing Solutions.

Daniel Blandford, Employment Supervisor at Owensboro Health and 2016 Talent-in-TalentTM Award Winner, leveraged several HealthcareSource talent management solutions to implement new predictive hiring models and candidate selection programs in his organization to combat turnover and improve employee retention rates.

Owensboro Health Inc. is a regional health system comprised of two hospitals (Owensboro Health Regional Hospital and Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital) and Owensboro Health Medical Group, which is made up of more than 40 physician practices. The organization serves a population of more than 300,000 in western Kentucky and southern Indiana.

With a total of more than 5,800 full-time employees, Owensboro Health uses HealthcareSoure Position Manager, HealthcareSource Staff Assessment, HealthcareSource Reference Assessment, HealthcareSource Leadership Assessment, and HealthcareSource Performance Manager for its talent management solutions, and has had employees attend The Recruiter Academy Certified Recruiter (RACR) Program.

By leveraging behavioral-based assessments to screen applicants for cultural fit and identify high-performers, as well as incorporating Lean best practices learned from The Recruiter Academy, Blandford and the Talent Acquisition team at Owensboro Health were able to gather data-driven insights for predictive hiring. They used a predictive hiring model to streamline the candidate selection process and strengthen employee retention.

We recently talked to Blandford to learn more about how he and his team have been using HealthcareSource talent management solutions to improve the processes around candidate selection and employee retention:

What was the big a-ha moment that made you realize that Owensboro Health needed to take action on these talent management challenges?

We spent many hours reviewing every single applicant. Hiring managers received a much larger volume of candidates from us,  requiring more time spent screening and interviewing those who are not a fit for Owensboro.

When reviewing turnover data, we determined that our highest rates of employee turnover was associated with five or six jobs, most of which were entry-level positions that have a high volume of applicants when recruiting. Being an organization that uses the Lean methodology, we wanted to establish a more efficient process to address these items and improve employee retention.

We have been able to establish ranking questionnaires for some of the high turnover, high volume positions to systematically limit the number of applicants we need to review to find a suitable candidate.

What top three drivers led to your creation of a predictive hiring model?

  • Improve time-to-fill for positions you’re constantly sourcing talent for
  • Identify and select high-performing internal and external candidates
  • Increase employee retention for positions with a strong history of churn

It’s been almost one year since you launched this initiative and shared your results on the keynote stage at HealthcareSource Talent Symposium 2016. What has your organization you been working on since then?

We have established buy-in from our senior leaders. Our relationships have improved as they know that we are actively seeking ways to improve our talent acquisition processes in an effort to recruit and retain high-quality talent.

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Each year, HealthcareSource accepts nominations for the Talent-in-TalentTM Award. This honor is given to talent management professionals who display the highest level of innovation, proficiency, and competency in the healthcare industry. Three winners are selected each year — one in recruitment, one in performance, and one in education.

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Talent-in-Talent Award

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