Happy National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day! In 1991, Congress declared that the first Tuesday in June is National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day. This is a great way to promote the profession and the contribution recruiters make to their healthcare organizations every day.

To all healthcare recruiters — we applaud you for the extraordinary service and commitment you have made to your profession. Enjoy your special day, you deserve it!

For those of you who manage recruiters and want some simple (and low-cost!) ways to show your appreciation, here are a few thoughtful and simple gestures you can do right now:

  1. Ask  for suggestions on where they think improvements can be made

  2. Ask their peers to share a story about their colleague going above and beyond

  3. Express interest in your employees’ professional development 

  4. Give them a handwritten thank you note

  5. Recognize their accomplishments in an organization-wide email

  6. Give them a card with lottery tickets, movie tickets or a gift card inside

  7. Give a long-lunch, extra break, early release, or comp time

  8. Honor them at the start of the next staff meeting 

  9. Post a  simple thank you sticky note on their door 

  10. Post a thank you sign in the lobby with their name on it

  11. Give them flowers, a plant for their desk, or another small gift

  12. Invite them to a one-on-one lunch

  13. Surprise them with a coffee and pastry from their favorite coffee shop

  14. Arrange for a boss several levels up to stop by to say thanks

  15. Have the entire team sign a photo or certificate of appreciation

  16. Write a personal letter detailing their accomplishments 

  17. Call them into your office to simply thank them for all they do 


Want to learn more about how you can improve employee satisfaction through employee recognition and professional development initiatives? Download our latest white paper, Becoming a Best Place to Work Organization: Recruiting & Retention Strategies for Healthcare to learn  from several award-winning healthcare organizations. 


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