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One of the best parts about working at HealthcareSource is being able to talk to our clients about how they got into the healthcare industry and how our solutions help them do their jobs well.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Shalom Park Director of HR Denise Bilyeu, who has been in the healthcare industry for 16 years and a client of ours since 2017. She grew up in clinics and hospitals around the world because her father was a medical administrator, so healthcare was a natural industry for her to join as well.

With a role that spans across all HR responsibilities – recruitment, retention, compensation, benefits, employee relations, HRIS, reporting analysis and more – we thought it’d be great to share her experience with our ATS.

Read on to learn how an investment in HealthcareSource Hiring System helped her team automate their recruiting efforts and drive operational efficiencies across the function.

Can you briefly provide an overview of what your team’s recruiting goals are? For example, is your team incentivized to fill positions quickly or is success measured based on new hire retention? 

Recruitment goals are certainly to have a short time-to-hire timetable, but because the quality of hire is more important than the time to hire, we have more flexibility. We are more focused on employee retention – which we typically look at retention in the first 90-days and the first year.

What tool were you using prior to investing in an applicant tracking system (ATS)? Were there specific business problems or challenges that triggered the purchase of our solution?

Prior to investing in an ATS, we were using paper applications and manually posting on various sites. Due to my desire to increase efficiency, I advocated for spending less recruiting dollars on various websites and invest those dollars into an ATS that would give us more bang for our buck.

How did you find HealthcareSource and choose our HHS and HRA as the best fit for your HR team?

After attending an all-day seminar on understanding recruitment and retention of millennials in long-term care by Cara Silletto, who raved about your ATS by name, I was interested in HealthcareSource as a potential ATS vendor because of your focus on the senior services industry. Within that same week, there came a second advocate for HealthcareSource Hiring System that I couldn’t ignore. I then inquired directly and started the engagement process with your amazing team.

Did you evaluate other vendors? What made us stand out? 

I did evaluate our current payroll provider’s ATS, but it was generic and limited. I also considered a couple other more-glamorous ATS products, but the bells and whistles came at an unreasonable price. At the end of the day, HealthcareSource’s ATS catered to our industry and provided an easy-to deploy ATS – with plenty of bells and whistles of its own – that made financial sense for our non-profit care home.

How has your partnership with HealthcareSource changed the way your team collaborates and recruits/retains talent? 

The HealthcareSource support team has been nothing short of amazing since we started implementation. We are so grateful for this partnership for our recruitment efforts. It’s nice to not have paper to shuffle around and track between managers and HR. Since everything is in one system, we all have access to the same data.

How has HealthcareSource’s solutions improved your employee engagement? What about your candidates’ experience? 

HealthcareSource continues to add updates and upgrades to the system, and we are in love with every bit of it. Not only can we email our candidates from within the ATS, but we can also text with and conduct video interviews with them. This makes us look so much more professional as if we’re a bigger company than we really are. It streamlines the HR experience, but also the candidate experience.

How did you prove to upper management that a dedicated healthcare ATS via HealthcareSource was a better investment than all-in-one vendors like ADP? 

Choosing HealthcareSource over ADP for an ATS investment was pretty easy once ADP demoed our HealthcareSource ATS in my office and admitted that it was way better than their ATS in so many ways. Since we had already been using the HealthcareSource ATS, we’d already budgeted for it so it also just didn’t make sense to downgrade our recruiting process just to use an all-in-one system.

Can you calculate a rough estimate on how much time and/or money you saved by choosing HealthcareSource? 

I would estimate we have saved roughly an hour of HR time per candidate with HealthcareSource Hiring System. We’ve eliminated updating, copying and distributing blank and completed applications, searching for missing applications, scanning/emailing documents, processing paper background checks, updating and reprinting forms, and filing paper applications. And because the HealthcareSource Reference Assessments have helped us to make better hires, we’ve likely saved even more money by reducing bad-hire turnover.

Can you share any specific hiring metrics improvements that helped you show your investment in HealthcareSource’s solutions were the right choice? 

Although it’s difficult to assign 100% of our improved retention to HealthcareSource’s solutions, we have cut our turnover nearly in half over the last few years since we’ve been using this ATS and benefitting from increased efficiency as well as the insight provided through the assessments.

Is there anything specific you would like to add about the implementation process? How long did it take – how hard/easy was it?

Implementation was smooth and well-orchestrated by the HealthcareSource team. While we needed to learn how to navigate and use the system, the team walked us through every step. Each module that we added over the years was just as professionally managed as the initial implementation. First class support all the way!

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Thank you for having such an awesome product and team!!!

A huge thank you to Denise for taking time to share her experience with us! To learn more about our ATS and whether it’s a good fit for your healthcare organization, click here.

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