We are always looking for ways to work with our clients on how we can improve our products and services. We also love contributing to charitable causes that help or communities.

For the month of February, we found a way to put these two priorities together: we were struck by Cupid’s arrow and, while many think of Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday, we looked at it as an opportunity to share the love by offering free gifts in exchange for clients’ feedback – all while contributing to the Soap Box Mission in the process!

We are proud to say that, because of our clients’ generosity in sharing their feedback, we were able to donate more than 300 bottles of soap to those in need.

We were also blown away by the kind words we heard from our clients, who shared what they love most about our products, services and people. Knowing that we have built personal relationships while partnering with healthcare organizations across the globe to make their jobs easier makes what we do that much more rewarding.

Given all the wonderful feedback we collected, we thought it’d be worth sharing some of the feedback we received. Here is a recap from 10 clients who shared their favorite aspects about HealthcareSource:

  1. “Integration with HealthcareSource was an exceptional experience. We have a unique organizational structure that was very complex, but HealthcareSource had no problem taking it on! [In terms of products], the recruitment marketing tool has been a game changer! Easy to keep track of candidates and fill positions quicker! A nice addition for any size company! I also love the ease of use for HealthcareSource Hiring System. I am able to train new hiring managers quickly on the system and they can get up and running with hiring in no time!” – Cody Sanderson, HCF Management

  2. “I love being able to utilize the eLearning Library; it allows me to search, add and take courses in my list pertinent to me at any time I choose. I also love being able to attend the wonderfully informative webinars; when I am unable to attend the webinars, I really appreciate being able to view the recordings on my own time.” – Mary Horton, Altru Health System

  3. Performance Manager has automated our evaluation process and made it more efficient. In addition to evaluations, managers can provide feedback, initiate staff assessments and create development plans in minutes. Healthcare was already complicated. But, adding in a pandemic has been life changing. Our managers deserve a system that does not bog them down or frustrate them and Performance Manager does that for all of our staff.” – Lori Kendrick, Deaconess Health System

  4. “I love the customer support chat feature. Whenever I have a problem, that’s where I start and most of the time the agent on the chat is able to resolve my problem within minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever had a support issue open longer than a day or so without a resolution. HealthcareSource provides amazing customer service. Whenever I am having an issue, they are right on top of it, ready to help provide an answer. It’s also amazing how quickly they can implement new features based upon customer feedback.” – Shawn Dinneen, Hospital for Special Care

  5. “The Staff Assessment is on point helping to decide if an applicant is a good fit for the position they are applying for and if they are a good fit for the team.” – Sheila Gasque, Conway Medical Center

  6. “I love the text messaging feature in Position Manager. It has really helped our recruiters be able to stay in communication with candidates throughout the onboarding process. Great feature!” – Marlene McKinley, St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System

  7. HealthcareSource Hiring System is a fantastic way to ensure compliance steps are not missed, and to keep all paperwork in one place until time to print. It is truly a systematic approach to the hiring process.” – Michael Mulligan, Life Care Centers of America

  8. “The aspect I love most about HealthcareSource is NetCompetency. It is easy to manage; pretty user friendly; lots of support from trainers, chatbot and support via email.” – Cori Vaughn, Schneck Medical Center

  9. “Our integration team was wonderful! I feel HealthcareSource went above and beyond to ensure our staff were fully trained on the product and answered all of our questions, no matter how many times we asked it! I also love that you are constantly adding new tools to your service line to increase functionality and ease of use! You really listen to your customers and strive to give them what they need to improve efficiency and satisfaction with the product.” — Sonia Baker, Rush Memorial Hospital

  10. “The best part about Position Manager is that I can look up past applications, but I love lots of things about Position Manager. It makes applicant tracking and processing so slick and organized, helps keep me on track.” — Britnie Rewey, Tomah Health

Thanks again to everyone who participated – we appreciate it more than you know! To read more of our client stories, click here.

About Jenna Vassallo

Jenna Vassallo is manager, corporate marketing at HealthcareSource. In her role, she oversees the corporate marketing team with roles across marketing operations, demand generation and field marketing/events. She also owns all content efforts at the company, including managing freelance writers, consultants and creative agencies. Her responsibilities include creating/editing campaign and web copy, advertising, public relations, social media, company communications and more. She is also a freelance photographer in the Boston area.