contingent staffing can help with census fluctations and shift coverageContingent staffing, also known as supplemental staffing, is a necessity for healthcare talent management, not a necessary evil. Just as any business might employ temporary workers during peak periods, healthcare organizations can also benefit from using contingent staffing agencies that specialize in providing on-demand, qualified healthcare talent.

How Contingent Staffing Firms Can Help

Sourcing talent through local, regional, or national healthcare staffing providers can come to your healthcare organization’s aid in a number of instances:

Census Fluctuations: Your organization likely sees a variety of seasonal swings in the numbers of patients it must care for. Are you in the north and have a patient population that includes “snowbirds” who migrate to the southern states in the winter? Flu outbreak in your area? Staffing fluctuations are bound to occur. You can be prepared to address them by partnering with the right staffing agencies.

Staff Coverage: Whether you have short- or long-term staffing needs, a local or regional contingent staffing firm can help you cover a vacation request, PTO, or a sick day. If your need is for a longer term, such as filling in for an employee on family medical leave, you might consider contracting with your staffing partners for a local or travel contract professional.

Temporary Assistance While You Recruit: Using a staffing agency temporarily to cover a specific role can afford you the time necessary to fill the position without negatively impacting patient care.

Reduce Overtime: In many cases, the cost of employing contingent talent might be less than the cost of paying a permanent staff member for overtime. In addition, you might just increase your staffs’ satisfaction and reduce the potential for fatigue or burnout.

Maintain Levels of Patient Care: In healthcare, the patient is at the center of all you do, and your end goal is quality patient care. It’s difficult to increase or maintain the patient experience without having the appropriate professionals in place. Contingent staffing firms can assist you with placing the right clinician in the right place at the right time.

Quality Contingent Talent

When working with contingent staffing firms, you can have them source only those candidates that match your organization’s requirements. And many staffing firms, as proof of their commitment to a high standard of service, are certified or accredited by The Joint Commission. As noted on the website, “The Joint Commission’s  Health Care Staffing Services (HCSS) Certification program provides an independent, comprehensive evaluation of a staffing firm’s ability to provide qualified and competent staffing services.”

But Aren’t Healthcare Contingent Staffing Agencies Expensive?

While it’s possible to come across an expensive contingent staffing firm, most talent providers are very reasonable. Talent agencies pay for most, if not all, of the same benefits you would provide cover for full-time employees, including recruitment, salary, bonuses, employment taxes, insurance, 401k, etc. As you know, there is an incredible cost tied to recruiting and retaining healthcare talent, and your contingent talent partner(s) are not exempt from those expenses.

Additionally, it’s important to note that many healthcare staffing agencies use specialized technology for contingent talent management that assists them in recruitment, onboarding, staffing, credentialing, and providing back office services.

Remember, partnering with a healthcare contingent staffing agency will allow you to get the support you need when the occasion arises. They are experts in finding and placing on-demand talent that can supplement your full-time staff, helping you ensure quality patient care within your budget.

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