HealthcareSource Contingent Talent ManagementI have some great news to share: HealthcareSource has completed its acquisition of Centricity™ Contingent Staffing from GE Healthcare. This is the third time this vital suite of contingent staffing solutions has been acquired, underlining the tremendous value and importance they offer to the healthcare staffing industry. 

While the Centricity Contingent Staffing solutions have been touted as “the standard” for healthcare staffing agencies, it is the trust, devotion, and loyalty of our clients and employees that have afforded us the opportunity to be the industry-leading solution in the healthcare staffing market. The product suite will be rebranded as HealthcareSource Contingent Talent Management℠. We will continue to operate out of Addison, Texas, where we intend to keep the office and all our employees. We also plan to increase headcount for this area of the business.

In joining HealthcareSource, we solidify ourselves as part of the full healthcare talent ecosystem, focused on helping our clients build a more Patient-Centered Workforce®. A significant portion of healthcare talent needs are met with contingent workers, either through shift staffing or contract assignment. These numbers are projected to grow over time, particularly as baby boomers move to more part-time, flexible roles as they age.

The Contingent Talent Management team is thrilled to be working with CEO and President J.P. Fingado again (one of our acquisitions was by API Healthcare where J.P. was CEO before joining HealthcareSource). J.P. has a heightened understanding of the important role contingent professionals play in this healthcare ecosystem. There are still many opportunities for us to expand upon our contingent talent suite, and we look forward to addressing the unique challenges our staffing clients face on a daily basis.

The need for on-demand staffing isn’t going anywhere, and no amount of time-to-fill reductions will ever eliminate the necessity for healthcare organizations to leverage contingent staff. We can help clients:

  • Make more informed contingent vs. direct-hiring decisions
  • Eliminate waste and process inefficiencies from both sides of talent acquisition
  • Improve overall talent quality, not just in direct employment scenarios but for contingent staff, too

It also means we can help contingent staffing firms through Lean recruitment optimization services, recruitment marketing software, behavioral-based assessments, and learning systems and services that could significantly improve their ability to serve their own clients.

Our combined client base of 3,300+ has always been in the business of providing quality talent to provide quality care. Currently, more than one-third of U.S. healthcare organizations use HealthcareSource solutions. The newly-acquired staffing solution manages contingent placements for 40% of all healthcare per-diem staffing and 12% of all contracts.

This is an exciting next step for us and our clients as we continue to live our mission of building a more Patient-Centered Workforce

Mike Wejrowski

About Mike Wejrowski

Mike Wejrowski is Vice President and General Manager of Contingent Talent Management Solutions at HealthcareSource. He began his career with API Healthcare from GE Healthcare (formerly known as Clearview Staffing Software) in 2003, promoting innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that optimize business processes and improve staffing efficiencies for the healthcare industry. Mike focuses on developing relationships with staffing agencies and industry experts to help ensure the success of the healthcare staffing community.