You worked with the hiring manager and got all the details you need for the requisition, and now you need to turn all of that information into a compelling nurse job posting that will attract qualified candidates. While job description and job posting sound very similar, they’re actually very different, and knowing the difference can make or break your hiring success.

What a Job Posting Is and Isn’t

A job description is where you should include all the detailed information relating to the position. This description should only be viewable to candidates who are seriously considering applying for the role, and when you do have a new hire, they should sign off on the job description during onboarding. Your job posting, on the other hand, is what you use to broadcast the opening to potential candidates — on your career site, job boards, and social media — kind of like an advertisement. Here, you want to show off your organization and prove why nurses should consider working with you over a competitor.

To entice nurses to apply with your organization, your job posting should include a combination of engaging information, such as:

  • Your organization’s values and mission
  • Competitive information such as work-life balance and perks
  • Images
  • And anything else that differentiates your organization from your competitors to a prospective employee

What Do Nurses Look for in a Job Posting?

When writing job postings, how can you make sure they will specifically appeal to the nurses you need to hire? Start by putting yourself in a nurse’s shoes.

You can position your job posting to attract qualified nurse candidates by weaving causes they care about within your description of your organization’s values. Does your organization take care of nurses by ensuring you’re adequately staffed so they aren’t overworked? If so, communicate this within your job posting. Many nurses are concerned with working unfair hours that could contribute to poor patient or resident care. Potential candidates will take notice of such a callout.

Additionally, nurses want to know that they’ll have a voice within the organization. As care providers who are most often at the bedside, nurses want to take roles where they know they’ll be appreciated, compensated fairly, and treated with respect. Nurses also want to know that their employer is dedicated to providing the best quality of care through safe working conditions — for employees and patients or residents. Communicating your organization’s dedication to these values is paramount in attracting the talented, compassionate nurses you want.

Furthermore, communicate your organization’s dedication to professional growth, as this is an attractive factor for nurses looking to switch roles. Seventy-two percent of nurses surveyed said that promoting new roles and opportunities is extremely important to them, according to the American Nurse Association.

The most effective job postings appeal both to the professional and emotional sides of candidates. Start by describing your organization’s culture, values, and dedication to care. Describe the role’s responsibilities and qualifications, but leave the tactical, detailed information for your job description.

The Technical Side of Job Postings

You also need to consider some technical elements when writing job postings. For instance, to gain the most visibility, ensure your job posting is optimized for search engines. Incorporating SEO tactics, such as keywords, into your job posting will help your candidates find your opportunities more easily. Try these tips for making sure your job posting is optimized for search:

  • Your job posting should be written with user-intent in mind. For instance, if you’re looking for a Registered Nurse make sure to also include the abbreviation RN so that users who type either title into the search box will find your listing. Better yet, post your job on boards that are powered by natural language search rather than Boolean logic.
  • Use your location to your advantage. If you’re a senior living community in New Hampshire, then make sure you include a phrase such as “LPNs in New Hampshire” or “New Hampshire LPNs” to optimize your post for location specific searches.
  • Your job posting should be as specific to your organizational and talent needs as possible so that your listing can be found by people who are looking for it. Additionally, creating more specific, search-optimized job postings will ensure that the right nurse candidates find your opportunities.

Nurses are in high-demand, and you need to promote your organization as an employer of choice. You can attract the right talent for your organization by optimizing your job postings to better connect with nurses’ values and professional desires. Additionally, by incorporating SEO tactics into your postings, you can make sure your job postings get in front of the best possible talent for your organization.

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