downloadThe terms mandatory education, compliance training, and fun aren’t typically found in the same sentence, but the team at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital managed to change that with a music video set to the tune of Vanilla Ice’s 90s hit “Ice Ice Baby.” The video was produced to serve as a reminder of the organization’s training program, Destination Zero — emphasizing their commitment to high-quality care with an overall goal of zero patient safety errors. 

Children’s Hospital has managed to create a fun culture that still manages to reinforce the seriousness of patient safety and medical errors. “We take patient safety seriously, and we’ve spent most of the year reinforcing our already strong safety culture through a training program called Destination Zero,” said Jeanann Pardue, M.D., chief quality officer at Children’s Hospital. The Knoxville, Tennessee healthcare organization has been named one of the top pediatric hospitals for safety and quality standards in the United States. 

The concept for the video came by chance while reviewing one of the key safety behaviors of the program known as STAR (Stop, Think, Act, and Review). Amy Smith, M.S. Staff Development Specialist, Organizational Development and Learning at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital was explaining what STAR stood for and upon saying “Stop,” she jokingly finished her thought with “Collaborate and Listen.” However, Amy realized that stopping, collaborating, and listening is actually what Destination Zero is all about — rethinking the action you’re about to perform, working together with your colleagues, and listening to your patient’s needs.

“We wanted to get our message across in a fun and memorable way,” says Smith, who played a key role in writing the lyrics. “It has to stay at the forefront of learners’ minds so Destination Zero is not just a class to take or a CBL to read and forget. That’s not true learning, that’s just doing something for the sake of ‘checking the box.’ And this was definitely outside the box!”

“You Stop. Pause for a moment. Think about the act before you perform it. Then Act, but always Review. Then you’ll reduce the kind of errors we do. If there is a problem, yeah, we’ll solve it. With Destination Zero, yo we’ll resolve it. Safe, safe, safety,” raps Josh Picquet, B.S.N., R.N., C.P.N., Nursing Professional Development Specialist – Decentralized, who is joined by other staff RNs, educators, physicians and volunteers in the video message.

“The video was originally intended as an internal reminder for staff about Destination Zero. We were so proud of the end result we decided to share it with the community. Not only does it stress our commitment to patient safety, but the video also showcases our caring staff and the type of environment that makes a pediatric hospital so special, says Paul Parson, Communications Manager at Children’s Hospital.” In order to engage staff and get important message across — ensure that employee education is interactive, entertaining, and memorable. Don’t just check the box with employee education — think outside the box! 

Warning: This is NOT your average employee education video — it’s SO much more. Enjoy! 

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