Let’s play a quick game of word association. Ready… Go!

The word is: Interview

If your first associations were sentiments like: ‘ugh,’ exhaustion, stressful, or scary you wouldn’t be alone. These feelings are true of not only the candidates but hiring managers and recruiters. Unless your full time job is staffing and recruiting, interviews aren’t positive experiences for the majority of the population.

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Did you know that most interview outcomes are decided upon within the first 3 minutes of interviewing? And, according to a study by Michigan State University, if an untrained interviewer uses an unstructured interview format, then the probability of hiring the best applicant is less than 15%. Teamed with anxiety, it all seems kind of pointless-and yet, necessary.

How many times have you been given a job without being interviewed by your boss? The answer to that question is probably never. The reason for that is people don’t like to hire people they haven’t met; they want to make sure that they fit in the organization. Still, over 70% of turnover is a result of poor fit, not technical ability. So, something is broken.

In order to fix the current state of interview ineffectiveness and help reduce stress (at least for hiring managers) we highly recommend arming hiring managers with interview guides. We know it takes a special person to work in healthcare; interview guides that help determine cultural fit, with a focus on competencies such as: work ethic, compassion, and customer-focus help make interviewing easier and more effective. With behavioral based interview guides, hiring managers don’t have to ask the dreaded “where do you want to be in 10 years?” And, as an HR professional you can rest assured that interviews that are being conducted while you aren’t in the room are job-related, structured, and consistent from candidate to candidate.

See how hospitals like Heartland Health, Uniontown Hospital and Meadville Medical are using behavioral based assessments to conduct effective interviews.

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