Many proactive healthcare talent management professionals will tell you that the secret to success in today’s talent market is to adopt modern recruiting tactics like recruitment marketing. But first you need a solid foundation. And all successful modern recruitment strategies are built on a foundation of employer branding.

What Is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is a lot like the branding your organization’s marketing team handles — only in this case you’re not focused on the products your company sells, but the experience it provides for employees, both current and potential.

Today’s job seekers live online and have a number of options available to them when they search for work. Because of the current strength of the economy, job seekers hold the cards when it comes to employment decisions. As a result, organizations like yours are fighting for new talent in the same way a consumer brand like Amazon is constantly on the hunt for new customers.


Modern recruitment, therefore, requires the coopting of modern marketing strategies and techniques. Employers must advertise their jobs online, they must engage talent across social media channels, and they need to provide career pages with clean and engaging user interfaces that are easy to navigate.

However, underpinning all of this is your employer brand. Employer branding is the basis of the messaging that unifies your recruiting strategy. It brings an aesthetic to your toolbox that can help create awareness and increase the number of candidates your job descriptions reach.

Above all else, employer branding gives healthcare organizations the opportunity to raise awareness, shape attitudes and change their target job seekers’ behavior.

How to Get Started with Employer Branding for Healthcare

Employer branding might be new to healthcare, but it’s been around for larger corporations since the early ’90s.

While this might make you feel like you’re playing a bit of catch up, the silver lining here is that there are already established employer branding best practices and tactics that you can learn from and start leveraging today.

Take, for instance, a study from just last year of a Belgian hospital that began experimenting with its employer brand by broadcasting it across Facebook to reach more nurses. The study discovered that using social media in this way — with a strong employer brand to guide messaging — had impressive results for that organization. Not only were nurses more likely to have a positive perception of the Belgian hospital, but they were also more likely to apply to jobs at that organization, accept job offers from the organization, and to refer friends to that organization as well.

To help you better understand the what, why, and how of employer branding, we took studies like this one, as well as other research, and put together “A Beginner’s Guide to Healthcare Employer Branding.”

Learn more and download your copy here.

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