Hiring managers are experts in their fields, but not necessarily in recruitment. Unlike recruiters, hiring managers’ top priority isn’t to recruit and interview candidates. However, it is crucial for hiring managers to feel confident throughout the hiring process so they can help recruiters —or assume the responsibility of recruiters — to thoroughly vet and select the right people who will stay long-term.

One way to help hiring managers feel more empowered throughout the hiring process is to give them the tools they need to communicate effectively and move through the process without hesitation.

Use Technology to Simplify Hiring

Checklists are one feature that can help streamline the hiring process so hiring managers do their diligence in meeting your organization’s hiring requirements. Configuring checklists by job type or family can help your hiring managers hold themselves accountable for evaluating candidates based on role-specific requirements, as well as guide them through each step.

Additionally, technology that affords structured interview guides give hiring managers a framework to help them more adequately vet candidates. Structured interview guides also help hiring managers and recruiters stay aligned on role requirements so that the process can move forward more smoothly.

You can further enhance the interview and evaluation process by using scientifically backed behavioral assessments. Assessments objectively show hiring managers and recruiters how well-suited candidates are for a specific role. This takes the guesswork out of candidate evaluations and keeps hiring managers on the right track.

Finally, consider using technology that provides hiring managers with a flexible offer management workflow so they can extend offers to candidates on their own. If needed, hiring managers can easily leverage the system to work with the broader hiring team to adjust the offer and get the appropriate approvals based on the situation’s needs, making the overall process more efficient.

Encourage Frequent, Documented Communication

Open communication between recruiters and hiring managers is crucial to executing a strategic and seamless hiring process. An applicant tracking system that enables hiring teams to communicate within the user interface not only makes processes more efficient, but it also empowers hiring managers to speak more openly about their hiring decisions and collaborate more effectively with recruiters.

Furthermore, communicating inside one shared interface maintains a history of conversations about hiring decisions. This helps hiring managers and recruiters stay aligned on decisions and holds everyone involved in the process accountable for tasks and responsibilities.

When hiring managers are empowered to move through the hiring process on their own, you can drastically improve your time-to-fill and quality-of-hire. Give your hiring managers access to the tools that will help them execute processes more strategically and communicate more effectively.

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