Part of creating a joyful healthcare work environment is knowing what makes a workplace engaging and satisfying to its employees. Measuring joy at work is an essential step in maintaining employee engagement, according to Vicki Hess, RN, MS, and Talent Symposium keynote speaker. In this video, Hess shares her quantitative and qualitative approaches to measuring joy at work that you can apply at your own healthcare organization.

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Video Transcript

So, measuring joy at work could be done quantitatively and qualitatively. And the quantitative way that I know organizations measure joy is through employee engagement surveys. And that’s really looking at how satisfied, energized, and productive people are in the workplace. And so when you have an engaged workplace, you have a more joyful workplace, so that’s the most quantitative way. What’s really cool is there’s a lot of new apps and real-time crowdsourcing tools that are being used. In the past, employee engagement surveys were usually done every year or every other year, kind of a static measure of a point in time, and then they would take weeks for the manager to get the report back. And then you’d have an action planning meeting and that just meant more work for the staff. You know what we should be doing to make these changes, and so it’s good to want to hear people’s voices, but what’s even better now with technology is the ability to get real-time feedback and not just wait for the annual survey. And so that’s the quantitative way to measure. Qualitatively, I think any leader just walking around their department or their work area – you can see if there’s joy in the workplace. You can see by the expressions on people’s faces, by, you know, how their posture is. You can see by how unorganized or organized their area is. So there’s a lot of feedback that you can get qualitatively by rounding, by being present, and by paying attention.

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