One of the biggest challenges healthcare HR and talent acquisition professionals face is keeping up with the job’s demands. There’s more pressure than ever on recruiters to find and sign top talent in a highly competitive healthcare environment.

But you can get an edge by investing in your professional development. Seeking opportunities like The Recruiter AcademySM, a web-based education program solely designed for healthcare recruiters that concentrates on the key areas proven to have the greatest impact on recruitment performance and talent acquisition can have a significant impact on your work.

To give you a taste and help you optimize your healthcare HR team’s performance, here are a handful of actionable takeaways healthcare recruiters learn from The Recruiter Academy that you could start using today:

1. Plan Time to Plan

Lean’s survey of successful healthcare HR teams and recruiters shows that spending 30 minutes creating a time-based daily schedule makes you 25% to 30% more productive throughout the rest of the day, according to Deb Vargovick, senior consultant at Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource, and instructor at The Recruiter Academy.

2. Start with Projects That Move the Needle

The Recruiter Academy team advocates for Brian Tracy’s methodology of beginning your day by working on projects that have the most impact, such as important calls and emails, outbound sourcing, or project-based work. This process ensures you complete and make progress on the most important, highest priority work on your to-do list. Schedule a block of time later in the day to knock out less-critical tasks so they don’t pile up.

3. Perform More Effective Candidate Intake Sessions

Vargovick advises healthcare recruiters to be more strategic about their candidate intake sessions. Schedule them only when you have a critical, difficult, and visible requisition, when you’re working with a new hiring manager, or recruiting for a position that’s new to you. For high-volume, entry-level roles, consider conducting an intake session on a quarterly basis. Your goal is to get enough information to both build a strong service level agreement (SLA), and to source, screen, and sell high-quality candidates to the hiring manager.

4. Leverage LinkedIn

Become more adept at using LinkedIn to build your network of prospects and to identify passive candidates, suggests Karen Antrim, director of research & sourcing education at Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource, and instructor at The Recruiter Academy. Connect with each candidate you interview — even if you don’t end up hiring them now, you can always reconnect later. And don’t overlook your organization’s high-performers, contacts from your talent network, and prospects from key centers of influence like educational institutions and industry associations. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s suggestions and groups to surface great ideas and candidates.

5. Invest in Your Career

Successful healthcare recruiters stay on top of new industry trends and techniques and know how to respond to them. Effective professional development and education programs provide useful information and actionable takeaways you can put into practice immediately. Some, like The Recruiter Academy, even award a certification that shows you’re a dedicated and knowledgeable professional who is serious about their career growth. “There are organizations now requiring certifications such as The Recruiter Academy Certified Recruiter (RACR) Program to be promoted from staff recruiter to leadership positions,”  notes Dana Cates, SPHR, SWP, senior consultant at Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource.

To up-level your healthcare recruitment function and be more productive in your quest to find quality talent, try adding one of these takeaways into your routine today. You can build on and add more each week to improve upon your talent acquisition skills to help your healthcare organization develop a more Patient-Centered Workforce®.

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