healthcare leadership developmentAs the demand for healthcare services continues to increase, so does the demand for healthcare professionals. There’s a lot of competition tapping into the same talent pool, and it’s becoming a lot more difficult to hire qualified talent.The most strategic organizations are focusing on employee retention to maintain their quality of patient care — and healthcare leadership development is a key part of that strategy.

Leadership development helps you retain current leaders

Great leaders have a desire to improve. Many of them were promoted into leadership positions because they were talented clinicians, but often lack strong leadership skills. Two of the key competencies for leaders are self-development and achievement orientation. They want to develop both their clinical and leadership abilities to reach their full potential and continue to develop into better leaders.

Formal learning and development programs help your leaders reach their full potential. Set your employees up for success by creating an employee development plan on day one. Discuss the results of their pre-hire assessments, identify areas for improvement, and set goals to establish a benchmark for success. Map learning opportunities to their development plan so they have the resources they need to reach their goals. Revisit the development plan frequently and update it regularly, particularly following assessments and performance reviews.

Your leaders will appreciate your organization’s investment in them, leading them to stay at your organization longer. And, of course, your patients will benefit from the higher quality of care that comes with your leaders’ professional development.

Leadership development helps leaders retain their teams

Leaders play a big role in employee satisfaction and retention. Without the knowledge to keep employees happy, leaders may experience high turnover on their teams. Employees want to feel supported in their roles, and will become dissatisfied and leave for another opportunity if that’s not the case.

With proper healthcare leadership development, employees will learn how to be great people managers. This will allow them to attract, hire and retain high-quality talent who see the leader as someone they’d like to work alongside. When leaders learn how to more effectively manage and support their team, their team can focus on their job. Satisfied and supported teams will provide better quality care, and stay at your organization longer.

Leadership development helps you retain high-potential leaders

Today’s employees are tomorrow’s leaders, and developing them early can provide a huge benefit to your organization. At a time when other organizations are struggling to find leaders with the right mix of clinical and healthcare leadership development abilities, you will have qualified internal candidates in your talent pipeline, ready to go.

Identify your high-potential future leaders through a leadership assessment and create a career path based on the employee’s goals and strengths, and your organization’s needs. Create a healthcare leadership development plan that’s tailored toward the employee’s current role, as well as their plan for the future, to help them attain their goals.

By laying out a clear career path for your employees and developing them to reach their career goals, you will be able to retain them and plan for your organization’s future leadership needs. Employees who feel that they have a future with your organization will appreciate your investment in them and may be inclined to stay longer. They are also more motivated to improve their performance and exceed expectations — thereby improving your quality of patient care.

Retaining your healthcare leaders, their teams, and high-potential future leaders is critical to your organization’s success. As the demand for healthcare services increases, the competition for qualified healthcare employees will also increase as organizations struggle to maintain a consistent quality of patient care. Investing resources to identify and develop leaders will lead to happier employees who stay at your organization longer, providing a better quality and consistency of patient care.

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healthcare leadership development

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