Recruit and Retain Great Healthcare LeadersStrong healthcare leadership is critical to providing great quality care to your patients. Leaders set the bar for excellent quality care for the rest of your employees, and coach their teams to raise their standard of care. A great leader will attract, hire, and retain additional high-quality talent who see the leader as someone they’d like to work alongside, helping your organization provide better consistency in patient care.

However, the healthcare talent shortage is making it increasingly difficult to hire experienced leaders. The demand for healthcare services, coupled with the number of experienced leaders who are retiring, means there simply aren’t enough qualified leaders to fill open roles. In fact, 69% of talent management professionals are concerned about competing with other organizations for the same candidates.

Organizations that want to win top healthcare leadership talent for their teams will need to focus on employer branding, candidate experience, and professional development.

Attract high-quality healthcare leadership talent with a strong employer brand

Every workplace has qualities that make it unique and — positive or negative — an employer brand. Candidates can research what it’s like to work at your company with a few clicks of a button. Whether you’re posting jobs and collecting applications, or proactively sourcing talent, you will likely only hear from top-tier talent if you have a strong employer brand.

To ensure that you’re able to attract top-tier talent (or, at least, not scare them away), audit your employer brand regularly, and take actions to improve it. Respond to negative feedback and use it to create a better workplace. Promote positive feedback, and develop additional content to share what your employees like best about your workplace. For instance, you could create a video tour of your workplace and interview current leaders, employees — and even patients — to show your leadership candidates what your organization is like.

Keep healthcare leadership candidates engaged with a great candidate experience

Further develop your employer brand by providing a great candidate experience throughout your recruitment process. Acknowledge all applications, and keep candidates in the loop about what to expect next. Make sure that everyone the candidate comes into contact with during the interview process is friendly and respectful of the candidate’s time. Keep in mind that hiring managers and interviewers have other full-time jobs, and may need to be trained on how to provide a great candidate experience.

You want every candidate that comes into contact with your organization to have a positive experience. This will help your first-choice candidates accept your offer above any others, and will help all others consider your organization for future opportunities and speak highly of it within their network.

Close and retain top healthcare leadership talent by offering development opportunities

Great leaders have a desire to improve. Two of the key competencies for leaders are self-development and achievement orientation. They want to develop both their clinical and leadership abilities to reach their full potential and continue to develop into better leaders. When you find these traits in a healthcare leadership candidate, use your learning and development program as a closing tactic so your top choice candidates choose your opportunity above all others.

Pre-hire behavioral assessments identify areas for improvement, and can integrate with your organization’s eLearning solution to provide recommendations on what courses leaders need to develop their leadership competencies. Then you can map learning opportunities to a development plan so your leaders have the resources they need to reach their goals. Formal learning and development programs help your leaders reach their full potential and provide the best quality of care to your patients, and your leaders will appreciate your organization’s investment. This, in turn, goes full circle to help your organization build your employer brand and attract more top-tier talent.

As the demand for healthcare services continues to rise, the competition for qualified leaders will also increase. Smart organizations are investing in attracting, closing, and retaining top-tier leadership talent so they will have a strong leadership team while everyone else is struggling to overcome the talent shortage.

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How to Improve Patient Care: 3 Steps to Recruit and Retain Great Healthcare Leaders

Recruit and Retain Great Healthcare Leaders

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