Old-school recruiting tactics might not be enough to fill your positions, especially on a timeline that works for your organization. That’s why healthcare recruiters are evolving their responsibilities to include components of marketing into their strategy. This is known as recruitment marketing.

When you think like a marketer, your tactics are brand-led and candidate-focused. Instead of focusing on promoting job openings, healthcare recruiters need to promote the entire brand, including the organization’s reputation in the community and beyond, and its values and culture.

“It’s not just waiting for people to apply for a job anymore. Think about how to make your organization attractive to candidates,” says Lisa Frank, Senior Product Marketing Manager for HealthcareSource. “Candidates want information on the culture, what it’s like to work there, and how their role fits in the broader organization.”

Here are three ways to begin thinking and acting like a marketer:

  1.  Go Multi-Platform:
    Almost half (45%) of job seekers use mobile devices at least once a day to research positions and organizations, according to a Glassdoor survey. “You must have a mobile-friendly career site that works on the devices candidates are using,” Frank notes. “It’s about delivering a quality experience throughout the entire candidate engagement process.
  1.  Integrate Different Content Types: 
    Virginia Mason, a healthcare system and research center in Seattle, doesn’t just rely on job postings and editorial content. “We do ‘Day in the Life’ videos you can link to from the job posting,” explains Director of Talent Ian Johnson. “Words can only take you so far. Having the story told by a person in the job via video conveys so much more.” Within two months of posting a video with a medical assistant, they had a couple thousand hits, and many applicants applied because of the video.
  1. Embrace Technology:
    Marketing technology and candidate relationship management solutions extend capacity and reach. An integrated recruiting solution makes it easy to design campaigns to target specific candidates, keep in touch with large talent networks, and personalize communication with hundreds of prospects and candidates — all trigged by specific events or seasonal schedules. “Solutions like HealthcareSource Recruitment Marketing powered by Talemetry, take you beyond applicant tracking, making it easier to source hard-to-find candidates,” Frank notes. “For instance, you can design an email marketing campaign for a specific audience and deliver information that’s relevant to them and welcomed. You can also get analytics to help you understand which sourcing activities are most effective.”

Begin developing your own marketing mindset by applying even one of these tenets to your recruiting tactics. Adopt them all to strengthen your recruitment marketing and get better results from your efforts.

Are you ready to start thinking more like a marketer?

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About Margot Carmichael Lester

Margot Carmichael Lester is a North Carolina-based business and brand journalist who has covered healthcare and staffing for more than 20 years. She also writes about moviemaking for the International Cinematographers Guild, specializing in action cinema, and co-authored the award-winning teen writing book, Be a Better Writer. She earned her BA in journalism from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and is a rabid Tar Heel basketball fan.