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Written by David Szary, Former SVP & General Manager, Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource

Healthcare organizations rely on the skills and dedication of their healthcare recruiters to source and acquire their talented pools of clinicians to deliver patient-centered care. While doctors, nurses, and medical assistants are, of course, crucial to the successful operation of any healthcare organization, professional staff, including receptionists, practice managers, administrators, coders, environmental services staff, and more comprise a Patient-Centered Workforce® — a workforce of highly-engaged people and teams who always endeavor to provide high-quality patient-centered care.

The day-to-day work of healthcare administrators and professional staff varies by the organization, but the primary focus remains the same — ensure the smooth operation of a hospital or healthcare organization. The leadership of these professionals can set the future course not only for their facilities but also for the healthcare system as a whole. And, the good news for potential candidates is that this is an area expected to see significant growth for years to come.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those in healthcare administration can expect job growth of 23% through 2022, which is much higher than the national average for most occupations. Much of this growth stems from a healthcare system experiencing increased demand due to an aging population and advances in technology that are extending life expectancies. This demand means more hospitals, clinics, physicians and healthcare professionals are needed, which calls for more administrators to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Talent management professionals are challenged with recruiting for these roles, which often means looking outside the healthcare industry for candidates with the right set of skills and competencies. Teamwork, situational judgment, work ethic, customer focus, integrity, stress tolerance, initiative — these are the inherent behavioral competencies that are crucial in a healthcare setting. Healthcare administrators must also be adept at adjusting to new developments in healthcare law, technology and policies. They need to be flexible, creative, analytical and organized, and they must be able to communicate with people at all professional levels, specialties, and roles.

Arguably the most important skill to look for is the candidate’s dedication to improving service excellence. In the restaurant industry, for example, this means dedication to the customers — making sure they are satisfied with their meal and happy with their service. Quality customer service can be easily adapted to a healthcare setting, where all staff must be dedicated to providing quality care to patients, either directly or indirectly.

Patients should be thought of as customers. Like retail shopping, most patients have access to more than one hospital or physician for their care, which means they have the choice to go elsewhere if they feel they’re being treated inadequately or billing issues aren’t being taken seriously. A hospital can be a natural fit for individuals with strong customer-service experience or problem-solving skills.

Through our advisory services in The Recruiter AcademySM by Lean Human Capital, we encourage healthcare recruiters to look for these competencies on a resume when the candidate doesn’t have direct experience working in a healthcare setting. Think creatively about how their skills developed in another industry can be applicable in a healthcare environment

Exhibiting passion and dedication in any role, in any organization, and in any industry will pay off for employees who may be approached about new career opportunities in healthcare, as well as for the healthcare recruiters who consider looking outside the industry for exceptional candidates.

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The Recruiter Academy by Lean Human Capital

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