Are you singing the healthcare recruiting blues, or do you feel like you’re topping the charts with the work you’re doing?

The world is changing quickly for healthcare recruiters. As turnover continues to be a growing problem and the demand for healthcare professionals increases, recruiters have more jobs to fill and less quality talent to choose from. Unless you are leveraging modern recruitment techniques and taking a multipronged approach to workforce management, you might feel like it is impossible to get all your work done. Or, you could be doing much better than you realize.

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There’s no doubt healthcare recruitment — and your job as a healthcare recruiter — is changing, but can you change your tune and identify new ways to meet quality talent on its own turf?

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Norma Gaffin was the Senior Content Marketing Manager at HealthcareSource. In her role, Norma oversaw the creation and distribution of pieces to help healthcare talent management professionals recruit, retain, and grow their workforces.