Leverage these healthcare recruitment trends in your 2018 hiring.While the skilled labor shortage is a challenge for talent acquisition professionals everywhere, healthcare recruiters are really facing a tough situation: The aging population is putting an increased demand on home healthcare, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals, and their experienced workers are retiring in droves. The demand for qualified healthcare professionals exceeds the supply, causing 33 percent of hospitals to have a vacancy rate greater than 10 percent, according to Nursing Solutions Inc. As the healthcare talent gap continues to widen, it’s apparent that traditional recruitment strategies are no longer enough. Try some of these emerging healthcare recruitment trends to build a quality workforce for your organization in 2018.

Healthcare Recruitment Trend #1: Employer Branding

Seventy-five percent of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying to a job, according to CareerArc’s research. Great healthcare candidates have many opportunities to choose from and will be drawn toward organizations that look like good places to work. Get their attention by monitoring your brand, making improvements where needed, and promoting the most positive aspects of working at your organization through recruitment marketing.

Healthcare Recruitment Trend #2: Talent Pipelining

Great healthcare candidates are hard to come by, so it’s important to build a talent pipeline well before you need it. You’re bound to come across solid candidates for whom you don’t currently have an open role — add them to your applicant tracking system anyway. When a new position opens down the road, you should already have a list of candidates to source from.

Healthcare Recruitment Trend #3: Talent Nurturing

Great candidates don’t always get hired right away. Some may be shy of the required qualifications, while others may decide to stay in their current roles. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in touch with these candidates to maintain your talent pipeline. Talent nurturing allows you to establish an ongoing relationship, so you can convert the candidates in your pipeline into hires when the time is right.

Healthcare Recruitment Trend #4: Recruiting for Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is just as important to screen for as the necessary skills. After all, you wouldn’t want to hire someone without a passion for serving the elderly to work in a skilled nursing facility. Behavioral assessments and, subsequently, behavioral interview questions can help you identify candidates with the qualities that match your organization’s culture. That way, you can ensure your workforce has both the hard and soft skills needed to excel in your workplace.

Healthcare Recruitment Trend #5: Candidate Experience

Keep your candidates happy and engaged in your recruitment process by providing a top-notch candidate experience. This includes everything from your application and interview process to extending the offer and onboarding. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes to ensure your organization is treating candidates with respect and making them feel valued. With the stiff competition for talent, candidate experience could be the difference between a candidate choosing to work for your organization rather than a competitor.

Healthcare Recruitment Trend #6: Data-Driven Recruiting

With limited time and money, it’s important to understand that you are focusing your resources correctly. Analyzing your recruitment activities provides useful insights into what’s working well and where you can improve. You may also determine some efforts are not worth the investment. Through data-driven recruiting, you can make informed decisions about how to optimize your recruitment strategies for the best possible results.

Leading healthcare organizations have found these emerging healthcare recruitment trends to be useful for attracting and engaging top talent. Incorporate some into your own recruiting strategies for a boost this year.

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