Find out if you are a healthcare talent acquisition Data Diva or Data Deficient.Healthcare and senior living talent acquisition teams are often working so hard to fill vacancies that they don’t seem to have time to stop and analyze which tactics are moving them ahead — or holding them back. And if they did have talent acquisition data, would they even know what good looks like? And what about using data in the hiring process itself to make unbiased decisions, determining characteristics like fit and likelihood to stay?

Recruiting is both an art and a science. Do you have the data you need to measure your healthcare talent acquisition effectiveness? Try our quiz to see if you are a Data Diva or Data Deficient.

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Norma Gaffin was the Senior Content Marketing Manager at HealthcareSource. In her role, Norma oversaw the creation and distribution of pieces to help healthcare talent management professionals recruit, retain, and grow their workforces.