2015 Healthcare Workforce Executive Insights SurveyThe healthcare industry is going through a period of significant change. With the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, Baby Boomers aging, and the rapid growth of retail care clinics, the healthcare workforce today is much different than it was even a few years ago. At the same time all these changes are occurring, there is also a growing need for workers in nearly all areas of the healthcare industry. However, today more than ever, there is a need not just for “warm bodies” to fill these roles, but knowledgeable, experienced professionals.

Are Healthcare Organizations Ready for These Changes?

While some hospitals, medical groups, or practices may be ready to meet some of the industry challenges, it may surprise you to hear how far behind the industry is a whole. Recently, HealthcareSource conducted a survey with our friends at the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA), which attracted 400+ healthcare talent management professionals who answered questions about their organizations’ ability to adapt to the changing healthcare environment. The results were eye-opening. Consider these statistics:

  • Only 57.3% of respondents felt their organization is proactive in adapting to changes in the healthcare industry.
  • Less than 20% believe staff consistently demonstrates a commitment to patient satisfaction.
  • Just 46.7% of organizations feel that recruitment methods are effective.

“The most compelling and concerning data point is that more than 80% of organizations responding say their workforce is not consistently demonstrating their commitment to patient satisfaction,” said Dawn Rose, Executive Director of ASHHRA. “Yet, a focus on patient satisfaction is essential to succeeding in the new healthcare environment.”

“These survey results are a call to arms,” said Frederick Morgeson, Ph.D., Eli Broad Professor of Management, Michigan State University and Scientific Advisor to HealthcareSource. “They clearly indicate that a lot more needs to be done to hire people with the right behavioral competencies, to help employees develop those competencies, and to ensure staff deploys those skills to give patients a better experience and help organizations accomplish their strategic goals. “We need to broaden our definition of effective recruitment and ensure healthcare organizations are equipped to address the changes that have occurred and continue to evolve in both acute care and post-acute care environments.”

In theory, healthcare organizations should be able to hire caregivers who meet the needs of their patients – but that doesn’t mean they are hiring the right people with the necessary skills to adapt to the industry as it continues to evolve. While healthcare may be different than it once was, the end-goal for healthcare providers remains the same — providing high quality clinical care while displaying their commitment to patient satisfaction.

We first released the survey results during a live webinar event last month featuring an expert panel of industry thought leaders including:

  • Frederick P. Morgeson, Ph.D., Eli Broad Professor of Management, Michigan State University and Scientific Advisor, HealthcareSource
  • Dawn M. Rose, JD, PHR, Executive Director, American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA)
  • Ursula Pawlowski, MSHR, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, HR Concierge, American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA)
  • David Szary, Founder & Partner, Lean Human Capital and The Recruiter Academy

These findings confirm what we hear time and time again from our clients…that with dramatic industry change comes the need for dramatic change in how talent is managed. While some of the findings can be viewed as concerning, we are seeing organizations apply innovative talent management practices as a way to not only adapt to these changes, but actually thrive and become providers of choice. With change, there is opportunity.”

Are you interested in learning more about the 2015 Healthcare Workforce Executive Insights Survey? 

Watch the webinar replay for a full report of the survey results and insights. Or download our white paper for a full report of the survey results:  

2015 Healthcare Workforce Executive Insights Survey

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