Screen_shot_2014-06-02_at_8.32.48_PMHealthcare is all we do. And with more than 2,300 healthcare organizations using our solutions every day, we do it better than anyone else. Really, we do! We have data to back it up!  With 96% customer satisfaction and retention, we proudly list our customers, who have chosen HealthcareSource to help them improve their recruitment processes and increase retention. We consistently earn high marks for client satisfaction and retention. KLAS Research recently named HealthcareSource a category leader for Talent Management for the third consecutive year. These scores are based on real end user surveys, not an analyst’s opinion — proof that our commitment to a culture of client satisfaction and engagement translates into real, measurable results, and VERY happy customers!  

Check out what some of our customers have to say about our products and customer service: 

HealthcareSource Position Manager®

  1. “HealthcareSource Onboarding is an all around time-saver and makes processes efficient for employment services, health services, benefits and the employee.” – Debra Rigsby, Carilion Clinic
  2.  “Position Manager really helped us to streamline our application process and the system overall is very user friendly. Our hospital looked at nine national companies that offered ATS systems and we felt Position Manager offered the overall best tools and also the best customer service.” –  Sarah Blomme, Mercy Medical Center- Iowa City
  3. “Our previous applicant tracking system cost us over $40k more per year and did not come close to the functionality of Position Manager. I especially appreciate the reports. If I need a report that’s not one of their standard reports, they create it for me.” –  Doug Levine, Rady Children’s Hospital
  4. “I have used Position Manager for a number of years and it has given me the piece of mind that I have all the metrics  regarding our recruitment activity right at my fingertips and available for our executive team. With Position Manager, we have been able to contact and process applicants quickly and efficiently and beat our hospital competition for the best talent in a very tough market.” – Jeff Jones, Adventist Healthcare
  5. “We converted from a paper and pencil application and job requisition process to the ‘on-line’, electronic tool much smoother than I could have ever  predicted. Our entire management team is excited by this product. Our applicants are just thrilled.”  – Jimmy Person, MPA, SPHR, Lenoir Memorial Hospital
  6. “Our applicants have found it very easy to use and love the opportunity to store their information and quickly apply for more than one vacancy at a time.  From an HR perspective my staff loves the functionality of the system and the ability to quickly screen and forward applications to the hiring manager, track job openings, close out postings, etc.”- Vickie L’Heureux, Lakes Region General Hospital
  7. “It’s easy to share applicants, easy to see anyone who applies, and easy to track applicant history across all our facilities. The reports allow you to look at things not only at an enterprise view but also at a facility level.”- Aletha Otlinger, Resurrection Health Care
  8. “Hassle free. Healthcare oriented. User Friendly. Eliminates the HR Black Hole. Awesome Customer Service. These are just a few phrases that come to my mind when I am asked about Position Manager.” – Jeff Jones, Adventist HealthcareHealthcareSource Performance Manager®
  9. “I think I speak for our whole team when I say I would absolutely recommend Performance Manager. We couldn’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things when we’ve seen such positive change.” – Erica Stone, Pen Bay Healthcare
  10. “Our managers are so pleased with the simplicity and how user friendly it is. We were frequently dealing with upset employees because evaluations were consistently overdue, so we greatly appreciate the accountability we have achieved with Performance Manager.” – Lisa Vendsel, Trinity Health
  11. “With Performance Manager we have the ability to conduct training and measure competencies online, which is critical to stay compliant with The Joint Commission and to continually improve the quality of patient care. HealthcareSource was the only vendor that didn’t require us to purchase a separate online training module.”- Adrienne Cozart, UMC Health System
  12. “We have been fully live with Performance Manager for one year, and our engagement scores have increased in every area related to employee performance.” – Joanne Davignon, Union Hospital

    HealthcareSource Staff AssessmentSM & HealthcareSource Leadership AssessmentSM

  13. “The recruiters feel they are doing a better job supporting the hiring managers. And most important, we really believe we are hiring better fit employees using Staff Assessment.” – Linda Kruso, Beaumont Hospitals
  14. “These tools – specifically Staff Assessment – allow us to better pinpoint areas that could be problematic for potential new hires. We can then delve into those issues in interviews.”- Brenda Reinert, Tomah Memorial Hospital
  15. “Staff Assessment allows all candidates to answer the same questions and it gives us a good idea if they meet the “HEART” behavior standards that we look for. Hiring managers now have a consistent tool to use during interviews. ” – Megan Dwyer, Heartland Health
  16. “We’ve noticed from a retention standpoint, after implementing Staff Assessment, that our turnover rate measured against Hospital Council is 2% less. That is an indication that HealthcareSource has helped us increase our retention.”- Joanne Kaminsky, Uniontown Hospital
  17. “Everything that you need for a manager to go in and look at an assessment, be able to have those customized questions based upon the results of the assessment, and having the matrix built into one packet — we really enjoy this product. It’s great.”- Greg Maras, Meadville Medical Center
  18. “Staff Assessment assesses a candidate’s fit for the organization when it comes to their behaviors. Our goal is to hire individuals who have servant’s hearts and meet that behavioral standard. It assesses that and gives a breakdown on how that person scored and generates an interview guide our managers can use for consistency, to ensure how those folks will perform if they become part of our organization.” – Cheryl Portman, Heartland Health
  19. “Staff Assessment has allowed us to ensure we are hiring people who are compassionate, who value diversity, and who easily adapt to change.”  – Joni Edwards, Southwest General Health Center

    HealthcareSource Reference AssessmentSM

  20. “Reference Assessment is much easier than you think…People are more likely to participate in a reference check when they feel that the candidate has given permission for them to provide input.” – John Eve, Wilson Memorial Hospital
  21. “The reference checking process is much less time consuming for HR now, since they no longer have to track down references by phone or email.” – Mary Ann Heinen, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
  22. We’re not wasting time on the phone and sending emails to references – we send one link and the applicants do the work. And we send one reminder for applicants to finish their references and if they don’t respond, we move on.” – Britnie Rewey, Tomah Memorial Hospital 
  23. “We selected HealthcareSource due to their honest, straightforward sales approach. In addition to price, we liked that the company is a one-stop shop for recruitment solutions. If we purchase additional HealthcareSource products, our training costs will be considerably lower. – John Eve, Wilson Memorial Hospital
  24. “Hiring managers really like Reference Assessment because the reports provide all references in one place and it’s easy to compare candidates.” – Josh Schultz, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
  25. “We’ve seen a decrease of our first year service turnover by over three percent since we implemented Reference Assessment and our time to fill has decreased by eight days.” – Kymberly Gillespie, West Virginia University Hospitals 

    HealthcareSource NetLearning®

  26. “The Learning Management System is intuitive, easy to navigate and requires a minimal learning curve.”  – Amanda Swanson, Elk Regional Health Center
  27. “The NetLearning implementation staff and trainings from NetLearning University were excellent. I felt like they were right there holding my hand through the entire process. I love that I can save and email reports directly from NetLearning and that I can export them to excel documents for easier tracking .” – Julie Garner, Passavant Area Hospital
  28. “The NetLearning LMS offered the features we needed, and existing customers spoke highly of it. We felt confident we would realize tremendous value from the solution.” – Ann Green, Schneck Medical Center 
  29. “I would recommend the system to anyone that needs a reliable and flexible online education system. Whether you work in a big hospital system or a  critical access hospital, NetLearning enables you to deliver education to meet the highest level of accreditation requirements.” – Sherri Klaers, Rice Memorial Hospital
  30. “Prior to using NetLearning – the number of delivered education hours was 33,472 and valued at $540,000 per year. With NetLearning in place – the hours of education has grown to 186,991 annually, and valued at $3.1 million of education delivered to employees.” – Elise Taylor, Huntsville Hospital  

    HealthcareSource Culture & Employees

  31. “We did an extensive RFP process and HealthcareSourcewas chosen as the best value. We are very happy with the choice of HealthcareSource as a partner, who has met our needs and has shown a willingness to listen to us and respond.” – Paul Swanson, Trinity Health System 
  32. “We knew we wanted a vendor who understood healthcare. That is what separated HealthcareSource from other vendors. But we got more than that. HealthcareSource is so customer oriented and makes things so easy.” – Linda Kruso, Beaumont Hospitals 
  33. “HealthcareSource’s personnel are outstanding and fully committed to our success.” – George Ravalico, Exeter Hospital
  34. “We envision HealthcareSource being a key part of our long-term strategy to streamline operations with a single system. The economies of scale will allow us to extract maximum ROI from our investment,” – Shannon Beier, LHP Hospital Group
  35. “We’ve interacted with different talent management vendors and HealthcareSource’s clear differentiator is its customer focus. Every time we have contacted HealthcareSource, the team has been very responsive. We have never been disappointed.” – Rosemarie Frank, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton
  36. “Our Customer Success Manager is wonderful. “Anytime I have questions or need additional training, he is always there. Overall, I’ve had a very good experience working with HealthcareSource.” – Julianne Castellina, Schervier Nursing Care Center of Bon Secours Health System
  37. “Everyone at HealthcareSource takes the time to listen to our needs and ideas. It’s easy to take that kind of service for granted until you don’t have it anymore.” – Sharon Chadwick, Arrowhead Hospital of Abrazo Healthcare  
  38. “We’ve grown and HealthcareSource has grown, but I can still call them with requests and they respond quickly.” – Aletha Ottlinger, Resurrection Health Care
  39. “What stood out about HealthcareSource is that they were personable and cared about our culture and our needs. HealthcareSource has always met our very complex needs, is exceptionally responsive and flexible. We have built a relationship and partnership with them over many years. Through ups and downs, we have always been able to trust them and in the end, they always come through. I believe it is because they have a philosophy that is similar to ours — they hire good people with values, morals, integrity, a passion for healthcare, and a passion to provide a user-friendly product that will not cost an arm or leg. We like the relationship, we trust them, it’s comfortable. With so many things to deal with, we know we can depend on HealthcareSource to take care of us.” – Paula Cook-Fedun, Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center
  40. “When we purchase a product, we want a vendor who takes the time to learn about us, conduct site visits, and develop a relationship. When I had questions, our rep at HealthcareSource immediately set up a webinar and made sure we got the training we needed to make this initiative a success.” – Nathan Levoit, Silverado Senior Living 
  41. “HealthcareSource listens to their clients, offering timely support and ongoing improvements to meet your needs. ” – Sherri Klaers, Rice Memorial Hospital
  42. “If others ask me about Healthcaresource and I find out they weren’t using it, I would say: ‘What is wrong with you?’. I don’t think any other vendors compare to their products or the level of customer service that is provided.” – Joni Edwards, Southwest General Health Center
  43. “I believe we have a very good relationship with HealthcareSource. Since we have so many of the products, we’ve used different levels of support in different areas of the organization and never have we had any problems.  Their employees are so responsive, good to work with, very helpful,  and I can’t say enough good things about them.” – Britnie Rewey, Tomah Memorial Hospital 

For more thoughts on HealthcareSource solutions from your healthcare peers, watch our customer testimonial videos  and read our customer profile case studies. 


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