The healthcare hiring process has so many moving parts — from sourcing talent for hard-to-fill roles, to vetting candidates, checking references, and developing employees’ skills. It is for all these reasons, and more, that HR professionals need an all-in-one solution to help them hire, keep, and grow the best quality of talent.

In this video, some of our longtime clients share their successes in using HealthcareSource to streamline their hiring processes. Watch the video to learn more about how the right technology helped these healthcare organizations improve their hiring, retention, and professional development practices.

Video Transcript:

Amy Wilson, Senior Training Specialist, Phillips County Regional Medical Center: We wanted to embrace something that would give us everything we wanted in one place.

Sharon Russell, Talent Management Systems Analyst, Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters: All of our recruitment processes were paper. HealthcareSource has allowed us to automate our requisition process — they’ve helped us reduce our time to fill by 32 percent.

Carole Weber, HRIS Analyst, Samaritan Health Services: Signing on and embracing the talent management suite allows me to better serve my employees. The staff assessment tool allows Samaritan Health Services to ensure that they are hiring candidates that meet the vision, values, and goals, and then we’ll retain those employees.

Daniel Blandford, Employment Supervisor, Owensboro Health: If you find those individuals that are a fit they’re going to stay longer because they’re going to enjoy their job, the people they work with, the atmosphere, and so it’s going to increase our retention rates, and it’s going to ultimately reduce the costs of employment.

Cheryl Prall, Director Center for Professional Development Innovation and Research, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton: Recruiting the best talent with the best experience is not something that comes walking in our door every day, so we have to grow our own talent. We have the philosophy here of hiring for attitude and training for aptitude. Our strategic plan is to focus on retaining people.

The partnership with HealthcareSource has been a relationship that has grown more positive and more useful throughout the years.

Amy Wilson: We’re in healthcare, we have to continue to change and we have aligned ourselves with a company that believes in making those changes possible for us.

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