hiring compassionate caregiversCompassionate nursing care is linked to higher clinical quality measures and better patient care overall, making it clear that hiring compassionate caregivers is crucial for a healthcare organization’s overall success. Here are some tips to help you hire compassionate caregivers for your healthcare organization.

1. Streamline the Interview Process

Streamline the interview process to identify and attract compassionate nurses. Look for candidates that not only meet the requirements of the job description, but those who also fit in well with your organization’s existing culture. Rule out potential employees who show a lack of compassion, even if they meet all of your other requirements.

2.  Ask the Right Questions

As you interview various candidates for open positions, ask questions designed to help you evaluate each candidate’s capacity for compassionate caregiving. For example, you may ask the candidate to give examples of difficult situations they have experienced in the past, as well as how they reacted to these situations. You may also ask them if they believe compassion is an important part of nursing and, if so, how it benefits patients. In addition, you may present hypothetical situations to the candidate and ask him or her to describe an appropriate reaction or solution.

3.  Improve Accountability and Communication

By applying behavioral science, you can measure and develop compassion in your staff and identify potential future leaders. One of the best ways to develop compassionate caregivers and nurses among current employees is to hold them accountable for how they interact with patients and residents on a daily basis. When employees exhibit exemplary compassion at work, reward them for their efforts and contributions. Encourage employees to participate in positive coaching and frequent feedback with their peers to help identify high performers and areas for improvement.

4. Facilitate Professional Development Among Nurses

Once your facility has acquired a staff of compassionate nurses, you must do what you can to keep them. To ensure that morale remains high and that your nurses continue to perform at the highest possible level, establish long-term professional development goals for each employee. Help them to reach these goals by providing support and offering any resources you may have available, such as tuition reimbursement and in-house professional development programs.

Hiring compassionate caregivers and nurses is one of the best things your post-acute care organization can do to ensure that your patients and residents are as comfortable and satisfied with their care as possible.

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