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Internal Customers White Paper

Hiring managers are an internal customers group that healthcare talent aquisition professionals must work closely with on a regular basis. While hiring managers should be held accountable for improving the candidate experience by regularly giving talent aquisition professionals the information they need to source the right candidates, honing their interview skills, and providing recruiters and candidates with timely feedback, recruiters must provide hiring managers with the tools and resources they need to be do all of that.

Thanks to the communication benefits applicant tracking systems can offer, hiring managers are always up to date on the status of requisitions and candidates, which means they can provide recruiters with more timely feedback. Eliminating paper forms also means greater transparency. Managers can easily access information about open positions, as well as where different applicants are in the hiring process. Before adopting an applicant tracking system, Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California used a paper form in triplicate to request and approve new requisitions. “Those forms were always getting caught up in other papers and were prone to getting lost,” said Ellie Koch, Recruiter at Eisenhower Medical Center. “The approval process for electronic requisitions that we use now is much easier to manage and hiring managers always know what’s going on with their positions.”

Scottsdale Healthcare is also familiar with the problems associated with paper-based talent management system. “Applicants used to either complete their application online or fill out paper forms, then someone in HR would hand enter their information into the system and every morning someone in HR printed out copies of all the applications from the day before. Recruiters then faxed those copies to managers. It was very hard to track who had what,” noted Judie Goe, Director of Talent Acquisition & Development at Scottsdale Healthcare. “Now recruiters control their candidate pool online and managers can easily communicate back to recruiters. Everything is tracked in one place.”

Another talent management technology that supports hiring managers by giving them resources to improve the interview process is behavioral assessment software. This recruiting tool identifies candidates with the behavioral competencies that are needed for success, such as work ethic, teamwork, compassion, and openness to learning. Since behavioral assessments are centered around evaluating service excellence competencies, they also transmit information to applicants about the organizational culture. Assessment results are an excellent way to provide better service to hiring managers. When coupled with customized interview guides generated after an assessment, managers are more likely to ask relevant questions that prompt candidates to discuss their strengths and weaknesses in more detail. “Managers love the interview guides that our behavioral assessment software generates,” said Joanne Davignon, Director, HR & Staff Development at Union Hospital, Inc.. “The custom questions help interviewers look more professional in front of applicants, and they give hiring managers more credibility during their interactions with candidates.” Providing good customer service to hiring managers doesn’t mean simply fullfilling their demands, it means enabling managers to be great interviewers so that your organization can hire top talent. Hiring top talent is the best way to provide great customer service to your hiring managers and to your entire healthcare organization. 

Download our new white paper, Attention: Healthcare Talent Aquisition Teams: How Satisfied Are Your Internal Customers, to learn how talent management technology can help provide better customer service to your colleagues and candidates!

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