In the HealthcareSource white paper titled Creating a Culture of Employee Accountability in Healthcare, Lisa Brock, Vice President of Human Resources, shared the eight measures that Overlake Hospital Medical Center employed to achieve a culture of employee accountability within their organization. According to Lisa, in 2002, Overlake Hospital Medical Center ranked below average in patient safety and satisfaction, and employee engagement. Recognizing it could address these issues through accountability, they embarked upon a journey of improvement. Here are five of the strategies they implemented:

Create a motto for success – something that defines your organization’s values. Using an acronym makes it easy to remember. Overlake Hospital developed their own acronym to clearly state their organization’s mission to all employees: ICARE (Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence).

Implement a fair and balanced scorecard. Using a balanced scorecard to align organizational goals and finances with patient safety and patient and employee satisfaction. Department scorecards and goals are aligned with the organizational scorecard.

Happy accountable employees
Service standards should be integrated into all employee policies and procedures. This includes job descriptions and performance evaluations, and conducting ongoing training to equip employees for success.

Developing a unique definition of accountability that creates a paradigm shift. Here’s Overlake Hospital Medical Center’s definition: “A personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving results.”

Creating a management incentive plan, with a pre-approved menu of goals that helps align individual objectives with organizational goals. Full transparency allows all employees to see how each department and department leader is performing. Merit pay for management includes clear criteria for exceeding standards.

Today, Overlake Hospital Medical Center is profitable and in the top quartiles for patient safety and satisfaction and employee engagement. To read the three other measures Overlake took to achieve success, download our complimentary white paper on creating a culture of employee accountability in healthcare.

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