Staffing agency software impacts everyone in your organization.As the healthcare industry continues its surge as the number-one jobs creator in the country, the healthcare staffing industry is growing right along with it.

While there is plenty of opportunity to go around, as organizations rely more heavily on blended workforces that mix full-time, part-time, and contingent labor, it also means that competition among staffing agencies is also growing.

The fact of the matter is, with unemployment reaching record lows, healthcare staffing recruiters are looking at talent-driven markets that put candidates in the driver’s seat. Their success, therefore, relies on their ability to source active and passive candidates, attract those individuals, and then move them through to placement before they’re scooped up by a competitor.

This, no doubt, has made healthcare recruiters’ lives more difficult, and staffing agencies are beginning to feel it in terms of lost productivity and unrealized ROI. Healthcare staffing software, therefore, presents itself as an essential aid with this growing trend — but finding and acquiring the right software for your healthcare staffing agency is often easier said than done.

That’s because buying healthcare staffing software isn’t like acquiring a new tool that a handful of recruiters might take advantage of. The best healthcare staffing software applies to your entire business and helps you find efficiencies throughout your recruitment process to lower time-to-place and increase gross margins.

Since healthcare staffing software can touch every aspect of your agency, multiple decision makers across your organization need to be involved in the buying decision. It requires a buying committee and a methodical process to ensure you’re making the right investment for your organization.

As a committee, you need to investigate every aspect of the buying decision, from what to look for in a healthcare staffing solution, to establishing a review committee and overseeing implementation.

To help, we have put together “The Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Contingent Talent Management Software Acquisition,” which details what you need to do to find, purchase, and implement a healthcare staffing solution.

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