pick-a-duckThis is a guest blog by Pierre Thelusma, Software Engineer at HealthcareSource. Pierre is the newest addition to the engineering team working on HealthcareSource Position Manager and client migrations. Connect with Pierre on LinkedIn

When an individual decides to interview for a position at a new company, it is imperative Human Resources has a solid structure for communicating with prospective employees.  It is easy at times to forget that potential employees are in a difficult position. They are likely unfulfilled in their current positions. They are also likely to find the job search stressful as there is an element of the unknown involved in the process. Speaking from experience, simple, courteous communication during the interview process can go a long way, even if the interview does not conclude with a formal offer.

I cannot say enough about my interview and onboarding experience at HealthcareSource. The level of communication between myself and HealthcareSource was exceptional. From setting up the interview to the interview itself, I never felt out of the loop as decisions were made. I was also lucky enough to be offered a position at HealthcareSource during the interview. This spoke to a level of decisiveness in regards to talent management that is not always found in employers.

I have been at HealthcareSource for the better part of three months and have been delighted with my decision to accept the offer of employment. It was a decision made easier by the way in which I had been treated during the recruitment process. It has shown me the type of company HealthcareSource is — a company I am happy to work for.

“It’s important to us that every interested applicant feels valued. Talent acquisition is about building relationships with great people, whether they are a fit immediately, or maybe a year from now. In Pierre’s case, we had a very positive relationship with him from the moment of  initial outreach. The day he came in for the interview, we knew he was a person who embodied our core values.”  
— Martha Livingston, Talent Acquisition Manager

 To learn more about the onboarding process at HealthcareSource, check out this video:

“The recruitment process is a big part of your employer brand.  We believe that the candidates you meet today could become employees at some point, so treating them with respect throughout the process will differentiate you.  We have candidates that come back to us after receiving a rejection letter saying, “Thank you,” because many other employers do not respond.  While they may not be a fit for the role we met with them about, they may be someone we bring back in the future. Because we treated them well through the process, they may be more apt to talk with us again and even refer their friends.”

— Michelle Strasburger, Senior Director of Talent Management  

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