It seems like an easy question to answer. But how can you be sure Jane is up-to-date on her certification exams and accreditation? And do you have the documentation to prove it?

Keeping up with certification tracking and training requires extensive record keeping. In fact, on average, human resources organizations have close to one full-time employee dedicated to managing the entire process.

Maintaining an efficient employee development program is critical to success. Healthcare organizations that provide training programs to improve employee knowledge and skills have better patient outcomes and lower readmission rates. And in order to maintain Joint Commission accreditation, you need to be able to show who attended required training and when.

In this Nucleus Research Note: “Cutting Staff Development Costs with Performance Manager”, you’ll learn how performance management software helps create a more successful and cost-effective employee development program. It lets employees maintain their own training, testing and certification progress, taking the ownership out of HR and putting it back in the hands of the employees.

With online certification, training and testing, employees use the software to fulfill education requirements at their own convenience. By placing course-completion ownership in the employees’ hands, an HR administrator is freed from the intensive role of managing certificates, tests and documentation. Online training ensures the workforce is continuously improving their skill sets and core competencies while automatic reminders mean HR administrators no longer have to chase employees to complete their requirements.

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And because many organizations are able to move training sessions from the classroom to the Internet, they can cut down on travel management and session fees. In fact, the average organization using performance management software is able to free up close to one full-time employee. One provider even used Performance Manager to move 12 classroom-based training sessions online, instantly saving $55,572 per year.

Research shows that organizations using Performance Manager saw quantifiable improvements in HR administrator and manager productivity. They realized a reduction in overall cost of employee training programs and were able to attract better employees with their expanded training options. And best of all, thanks to Performance Manager, they no longer need to run around the office looking for a spreadsheet with Jane’s certification status.

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