HealthcareSource Job BoardSuccessful healthcare recruiting in the 21st century involves more than putting up a job posting and waiting for applications. Instead of solely viewing job search websites, many potential applicants find information via social media and from referrals or information given to them by friends and family.

Don’t get us wrong — your strategy should still include posting on job boards. But in order to be competitive in the marketplace and attract the most qualified job applicants, you have to have a recruitment plan that goes beyond the initial job posting:

1. Implement Recruitment Marketing Solutions and Programs

Implementing recruitment marketing programs and solutions can help you better manage your recruitment and hiring process so that you can choose the best candidates for your open positions and better develop your current and future workforce. Recruitment marketing solutions can help you fill open positions faster and reduce the hours you spend on recruitment tasks.

These recruitment marketing programs and solutions accomplish these tasks by allowing you to manage your potential candidate applications, your social media presence and your job postings from a single dashboard. These marketing programs also allow you to create a responsive career website where potential applicants can view your job opening and apply.

2. Create an Employee Referral Program

An employee referral program can boost your pool of qualified job applicants and provide benefits and incentives for your current employees. The reasoning is simple. Over time, your current employees have developed friendships and working relationships with other healthcare professionals who may be looking for new opportunities in the field.

By offering an employee referral program, you provide your current workforce with the motivation they need to tell their professional friends and acquaintances about your new job opportunities. The trick to success is to make the referral program a limited-time event rather than year-round. By creating excitement and anticipation for the program, you are helping to maximize your results.

3. Partner with Your Local Community

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing occupations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is experiencing a huge jobs increase that is expected to top 19 percent from 2014 into 2024. By partnering with your local community, including nonprofits, universities and other healthcare organization, you can facilitate an outreach program that both attracts new talent and trains them in essential job skills that you will need in the future.

One successful program was started in the city of Detroit. Through out-of-the-box thinking, the city was able to create a jobs program specifically geared towards residents who want to enter the healthcare field but lacked the skills to successfully attain their preferred positions. In Detroit’s program, each training course lasts between three and four weeks and is designed to prepare the students for positions as patient sitters and patient care associates. At the end of each training session, the participating healthcare organizations interview and hire those candidates.

4. Leverage Social Media and Email Marketing

According to the Pew Research Center, 65 percent of American adults use social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. By creating an organization page or account on social media, you will quickly be able to post your open positions and actively engage individuals who may be interested in your postings but hesitant to apply. By communicating with prospects and applicants via social media, and answering their initial questions about job opening and qualifications, you are helping to expand your pool of potential candidates.

Targeted email campaigns can help you attract new talent to your healthcare organization by actively attracting and engaging future candidates that have viewed your open positions but haven’t quite found the right position for them. Consider implementing a recruitment marketing solution that features a customer relationship management (CRM) module to easily manage your email marketing initiatives. By allowing future candidates to sign up for email newsletters, you can create a targeted talent network for your email campaigns and increase the candidate pool for your available positions.

5. Read and Respond to Company Reviews

It is often said that the best candidates research potential companies before applying. These potential job applicants often search through your organization’s website to learn about your company’s services, executives, benefits packages and HR personnel. They also read reviews at places like Glassdoor in order to get a feel for the company culture, the average salaries for certain positions and to learn of any negative and positive experiences from past and current employees.

Based on what these potential candidates read, it could encourage or discourage them from applying. By reading your reviews and responding, you can increase your odds of making a good impression on your future employees and address comments and concerns within your organization in order to improve your company culture and increase current and future productivity and morale.

6. Invest in Employer Branding

To increase your organization’s prominence and awareness within the healthcare talent landscape, consider investing in employment branding initiatives related to your job postings. This will help candidates become familiar with your organization and eventually lead to brand recognition and recall. These candidates will inevitably be more curious about employment opportunities than those with which they have little or no familiarity.

Developing your employer brand and story will help set you apart. For example, 42 percent of candidates believe company values are the most valuable marketing content, so creating company profiles and content that shows what your organization stands for will attract both active and passive job seekers. Job search websites, like HealthcareSource Job Board, offer these employer branding opportunities to help you expand your visibility and strengthen your brand.

By extending your recruitment efforts beyond your initial job posting, you are helping to increase your odds of quickly attracting the right candidates to your open healthcare positions, reducing the man-hours spent on recruitment and building a talented, experienced workforce that can help you improve patient care while fostering a productive organizational culture with high morale.

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